Scouting Report: Emmanuel Tagoe

Emmanuel Tagoe
Accra, Ghana
32-1 (15)
height: 5’8
Reach: 70 inches

Fights Scouted: Joebert Reyes, Moses Paulus, Mason Menard

Emmanuel Tagoe has won 32 consecutive fights after losing his pro debut. He had no amateur career. He was a surprise pick to face a comebacking Ryan Garcia in his return to the ring this Saturday at the Alamodome in San Antonio following a 15-month hiatus from boxing. Tagoe scored a career-best win in his last outing, a 10-round decision over Mason Menard in November of 2020 he has been active for over 16-months following the victory.  He has been the 12-rounds distance multiple times in his career. 

Strengths_ He fires the jab, like so many Ghanian fighters Tagoe certainly knows how to use the stick. He fires a constant double jab that finds its way through the guard of opponents. He doubles up the jab and keeps it pumping. He also has a very long reach of 70 inches, that’s very long for a lightweight. The jab is his key to victory. He can fight coming forward and going backward to a degree. However, his strength is using the jab in the middle of the ring. Sniping with it from long range, controlling distance with it, and keeping his shorter opponents at long range. He has pretty good pop and seems to have some thud on his right hand and body shots despite a less than spectacular knockout ratio. He really commits to the body as well, specifically with the right hand. He has the skinny kid, long wiry power. He seems to have some highly developed skills that you might not think he has at first glance, he can fight well in a phone booth and throws off some good combinations in close. He can also utilize a shoulder roll defense at times. He is more athletic than you might think. He is light on his feet, fairly mobile, and can circle the ring and fire off power shots off the back foot. He is extremely awkward in his approach. He likes to be first, he is constantly jabbing and likes to fire off the jab and follow it up with a right hand to either the head or the body and keeps up a good work rate. He seems to have a very high gas tank and his punch output doesn’t have a significant drop off deeper in fights.  Also has a very durable chin and can take a very good shot. 

Weaknesses-  His footwork can often leave something to be desired. He is often off-balanced and has some bad habits. He lounges quite often and swings wildly at times he gets overly excited. However, when he has an opponent hurt he is too laid back. He doesn’t seem to go for the kill when his man is hurt. He uses jabs and likes to be first but he seems to be on “repeat” he double jabs and then throws a right hand to either the head or body. A good counter puncher can time him quite easily. Predictable in many ways, for a fighter who can do a little bit of everything he gets stuck on repeat. A quick-fisted fighter can go right over his jab as he always doubles it and then throws the right. He is not difficult to figure out. On top of that, he can be walked backward, he is willing to go backwards because he has a bit of ability but it’s really not his strength.  Overall lacks variety in his offense and defensively has a lot of bad habits. He can do a lot of things but doesn’t really have an identity in the ring. Is hard to pin down exactly what kind of fighter he is. He is a bit too willing to fight the other man’s fight.  He is willing to go backward and went into retreat quite a bit with Menard with mixed results. A higher caliber fighter may be able to steamroll him.

Scout Grade: Perennial Contender status outside of top 10. Some good stuff with Tagoe, specifically his jab and work rate. However, there’s nothing really next level about him to go along with a lack of killer instincts, poor footwork, and a lot of other bad habits that he is still committing well into his 30s. It will be extremely hard for him to crack the top 10 in a crowded lightweight division or any division there’s just nothing special or unique to what he does. He’s long and awkward but he is so predictable, countering him is simple for a high-level counter-puncher. His power seems pretty respectable but it’s also not enough to really stop fighters from executing their game plan. He will likely lose when he steps in in competition but feast on lower-tier fighters. 

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