Fighter of the Week: Chocolatito Gonzalez

Legends never die and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez is a legend by any definition of the word and the legend will continue to live on. Experts and pundits have long said that the Nicaraguan’s best days way far behind him, will have to hold off on the narrative for at least another fight. The 24-year-old legend from Nicaragua handed in an outstanding performance, as good as any in his mid 20’s. After a nearly year-long layoff, a trilogy matchup with Juan Francisco Estrada that was delayed and then canceled, and a replacement opponent against a 27-year-old, brute force, upstart, from Mexico, who hadn’t lost since his pro debut seven years ago. None of that was going to deter the legendary Chocolatito who scored a one-sided beat down of  Martinez to cement his legacy and show the boxing world and perhaps the best weight class in the sport, the super flyweight division, that he isn’t through yet. Choclatito scored the wide unanimous decision moved his record to 51-3 (41) and takes home our Fighter of the Week award.

If the 34-year-old was supposed to be over the hill it certainly was not the case in the early going. The legendary Nicaraguan outworked the much younger and carried the first two rounds on punch output and out hustling Martinez. Falling behind on the cards Martinez picked it up and started to land some power shots of his own in the third, but Gonzalez was able to win most of those exchanges as well ripping of pinpoint accurate right hands as well as body shots. Mixing up head and body to perfection. As the fight progressed in the middle round Martinez was determined and keeping it reasonably competitive but it was becoming more and more clear that Gonzalez was just going to be too much, too complete for Martinez. Switching back between conventional and southpaw stance Martinez landed his best shot in the sixth round, but Gonzalez came roaring back scoring with a right hand and an uppercut that appeared to slow the surging Mexican way down. Gonzalez was just too much and his opponent never mounted much of a comeback as Gonzalez rolled to the clear decision victory by scores of 118-110-, 117-111, and a much too close 116-112 by Max De Luca. 

The super fly division is perhaps the best if not the best division in the sport, and Choclatito is still the biggest name, and the biggest draw in the division. There are two fights that seem to make the most sense for Gonzalez next. He was scheduled to fight Juan Francisco Estrada when the fight was first delayed and then canceled for COVID reasons. Josh Franco was supposed to meat the winner. PLans have changed and Franco will face Estada and Chocolatito could wait for the winner of that matchup. Or, he could have a changing of the guard type fight with 22-year-old Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, who currently holds the WBC belt. A title that Chocolatito won in 2016 by beating Carlos Cuadras and lost to Srisaket sor Rungvisai in March of 2017. The super flyweight is bigger, no pun intended, than it has ever been and has more big money fights than ever in its history and Chocolatito is still the center of that division. 

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