Scouting Report: Diego Torres

Diego Torres
Jalisco, Mexico
Jr Welterweight
record 14-0 (13)
height 5’8
reach 71-inch

Fights Reviewed Jonathan Escobedo, Jose Valenzuela, David Alegria

Torres hails from the legendary fighting state of Jalisco and captured the attention of fight fans with a sensational performance in Tijuana on the undercard of Munguia vs Ballard. He went the scheduled distance for the first time in his career in defeating Escobedo. He goes by the nickname Azabache and emerged as one of the premier 140-pound prospects in the sport. He is a 24- year-old hard-hitting prospect with high-level boxing skills and power.

Strengths- He’s a long and rangy but not all that tall, but not short, 140-pound prospect. He stands straight up and has a violent left hook. There is so much about his style that actually reminds you of Felix Trinidad. He is able to lead with the hook with really nice precision s well he throws it in combination as well. He prefers to fight from long range but can fight in all three distances. The thing that stands out at you is his power. Everything has a snap behind it and he lands with accuracy. From his jab, which he doesnt throw often enough. to his straight right hand, left hooks, and right uppercuts everything has snap on it

He also uses his angels exceptionally well. Aside from being a hard hitter, there are a lot of small things he does well. He works his angle and can pivot away from counter shots. He has a quick double jab when he doubles up on it he can use it to keep opponets at bay or set up the power shots. He should through it more The short right uppercut he fires from in close is deadly powerful and accurate. He hooks off the hab exceptionally well. Throws really straight punches. He is fundamentally sound offensive. Whoever taught him how to fight did an A+ job. He doesn’t have blazing speed but has really good footwork. He can fight going backward much better than you might think and counters well off the back foot.

He is also selective with his shots and picks his punches wisely. There are no wasted shots. Everything is thrown for a purpose and with purpose. He is extremely patient and doesnt get over eager and also has impeccable timing. He figures out his opponets very quickly. He attacks and can finish off a hurt opponent but he doesn’t rush it. He takes what his opponent gives him and doesnt waste shots, he doesnt leave himself open. Avoids counter shots using his feet.

He seemed briefly hurt against Escobedo and fought it off well. Just like he stays patient when his open is hurt. He stayed professional and calm the one time we saw him experience adversity.

Weaknesses- This part is going to be much harder and much shorter than the strengths sections. While he is a really good-looking prospect he still has some weaknesses. While offensively there isn’t anything that he does poorly there are certainly things he can do more off. He headhunts quite a bit and could focus more downstairs. He has a real stiff jab that’s pretty quick he doesnt. He carries his left hand very low and is there to be tagged. An excellent jabber or a lightning-quick-fisted fighter can give him nightmares. He is a bit lanky and doesnt seem to have a super sturdy base, a string pressure fighter maybe to push him around and make him go backward. He also has a bad habit and lounges at times although that was few and far between. He has another bad habit of dropping his backhand when he throws the left hook to the body. He doesnt go to the body much but when he does he can certainly be tagged with a left hook.

Scout Grade: World Class elite level fighter. He has the ability to blow his opponent out and the ability to outbox them win rounds and carry a decision. He does so many things so well, his power and offensive skills will make up for any bad habits or defensive lapses. Most of his flaws are fixable outside of not having great speed. While he isn’t fleet of foot he isn’t exactly slow either. he is fundamentally sound for the most part and can fight at all three ranges. He has been all over in weight but if he settles in at 140 he can make a real good run there. He is already better than fighters like Josue Vargas and Subriel Matias or Tyrone McKenna he has a higher upside than Dalton Smith or Montana Love or Arnold Barboza he might already be a top 10 talent he just needs to step up and step up soon. He could be a world title challenger within the next 18-24 months if he is moved smartly

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