Scouting Report: Michael McKinson

Michael McKinson

Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

Record: 21-0 (2)

Height: 5’9

Reach 69 inch
Fights Reviewed: Przemyslaw Runowski, Chris Kongo, Luis Alberto Veron
Michael McKinson is from a fighting family he is trained by his father Michael Ballingall, who also trains his younger brother Lucas Ballingall. McKinson is undefeated in 21 professional fights holds something called the  WBO Global welterweight title and is scheduled to fight Vergil Ortiz on March 19th. He is signed with Matchroom boxing and emerged on the scene when upsetting Chris Kongo on a Matchroom Card in Eddie’s garden.  He is 27 and ranked 3rd by the WBO. 

STRENGTHS– He is a tricky and unconventional southpaw. He has lightning-quick reflexes.  He uses quickness to throw punches from a litany of different angles. He jumps in and out in a way reminiscent of Prince Naseem Hamed.  His entire style seems to be predicated on his awkwardness and unpredictability.  He has a pretty quick jab that he throw often from his waist when he fights out of the low guard. He has excellent timing as well his counters are mostly one shot at a time and are well-timed over his opponent’s lead shots. 

He has an extremely wide base but has very good footwork, he uses distances very well and stays out of punching range, and gets his opponents lounging and reaching and counters over their mistakes. He pivots well and gets out of the way of return fire. Able to stay off the rope and uses the ring well. He doesn’t allow his opponents to cut the ring off on him and can also frustrate opponents and get them to just chase him around the ring.

He is improving fighting off the front foot and his unconventional punches and lounging keeps his opponents off balance and can score cheap knockdowns on off-balanced fighters despite his lack of power.  He is also beginning to try and walk fighters down he is clearly becoming more comfortable and confident fighting coming forward and that was noticeable against Runowski.  He seems to have a deep gas tank and doesn’t fatigue later in the fight.

He typically starts off winging shots from a variety of angles but settles down and becomes a bit more of a standard boxer later in the fight. He actually does some of his best work while standing in the pocket and firing off his quick jab. 

Defensively hs is elusive and can make you miss from long range and from in close. He keeps his hands down low and slips shots and makes you miss from all distances. He also seems to have a fairly durable chin when he is hit. 

McKinson leaves himself wide open when he lounges in, which is his typical offensive style. He is hands down, chin out, and lounging he is tailor-made for a power punching counter puncher who can stay focused.  He is a spectacular, posterizing knockout waiting to happen. He also has his elbows out and can be had to the body. A consistent body attack will probably take his legs away and any opponent worth his salt will focus on attacking McKinson/s body. He has a very long base and despite being agile on his feet, he has a bad habit of crossing up his feet although that seems to be corrected in his last two fights. 
The other major noticeable flaw is his lack of power, yes he catches opponents off-balanced with his unconventional style, but that’s against a much lower level of opposition. The likelihood of that continuing against elite-level 147-pounders is almost none.  It’s not just the lack of power that is noticeable, he doesn’t look to hurt or punish opponents.  Nothing he throws is hard and there are no intentions on his punches. He doesn’t plant his feet and slaps a lot. He throws mostly one shot at a time, either a quick jab or a sweeping left hand. That is quick but definitely telegraphed.  He doesn’t plant his feet and often swings wildly. Throws lots of wide shots with his chin out in the air. 

There is almost nobody attack he focuses almost entirely on the head and has a very amateur approach. He is looking to score here and there and tries to simply steal rounds as opposed to trying to break opponents down. Has no urgency but he also very rarely hurts his opponent. In the three fights scouted no opponent was noticeable hurt and none seemed really damaged at the end of 10-rounds.  He also doesn’t let his hands go. he will throw in small bursts and then shell up, fire off a single jab and then shell up again

He also isn’t accurate with his counter shots, he is able to land due to his quickness but he isn’t particularly accurate and misses wildly often. 

Scout Grade: Domestic level fighter. He can outpoint, confuse and dazzle basic fighters. World level and even European level fighters will just walk through his single punches and break him down.  He can be had to the body and leaves his chin up in the air behind a low guard. His strengths are real, he has lightning-quick reflexes and has excellent footwork. However, his weaknesses are far too glaring and good fighters will just walk right through him.

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