Scouting Report: LeSahwn Rodriquez

Lashawn Rodriquez -Middleweight

Hometown: Coram, NY


record:12-0 (9) 

height: 6’0

reach: 76

Fights reviewed: Francisco Javier Castro, Jose Medina, Antonio Chaves Fernandez

Lashawn Rodriquez had a spectacular amateur career and nearly qualified for the 2016 Olympics. He signed with Main Events Promotions and was highly touted when he burst on the scene in 2016. Rodriquez ran his record to 12-0 and has been out of the ring for well over two years. Being 28, he is going to have to move quickly. The level of opposition has not been good. He is going to have to start fighting many higher-level opponents immediately.  He is a long rangy middleweight, with average pop, who prefers to fight off the back foot but can work well while coming forward as well.
Strengths; Rodriquez is extremely light on his feet he moves really well can pivot nicely and get out of the way of counter shots. He is fairly long and rangy for the weight class and can cover a lot of the ring. He is exceptional at creating space and keeping his opponent at the range he wants him out. He has a lightning-quick jab that he doubles up really effectively and is at his best while flicking it from long range. However, when in the mid-range he throws a really good lead left-hook that he can double up it’s really quick and he doesn’t show his punches at all.  His quick feet and smooth footwork allow him to create traps and he can walk his opponent into right hands.  His straight right hand is extremely accurate. Landing on the button helps add a little pop to his seemingly average power. He is a surprisingly good body puncher. I was actually surprised how well he can work the body and he is willing to commit to the body at times. If he sticks to the body this can be a game-changer for him as he can break down and slow down come forward, busier fighters. He mixes  up head body really well

Defensively he has quick “twitchy” reflexes that allow him to evade shots. He typically likes to keep his lead hand low and pick-off shots. He occasionally fights out of the Philly shell and seems fundamentally sound with it. His biggest tool defensively is his excellent footwork, he can land and get out of the way of return fire. He keeps his opponent from getting comfortable and can consistently make them miss. 
Please remember this is all against very subpar competition. 

Prospect LeShawn Rodriguez on his truly unusual reason for getting into  boxing - Bad Left Hook

Weaknesses: Power seems ok, but it doesn’t appear to be a strength. Combining that with a less-than-stellar punch-out put could make it difficult for him at the next level. He can win round after round against this level of competition, but if he keeps his hands in his pockets he will give away rounds against volume punchers at the next level. He can walk fighters down, at least the fighters he has faced, but doesn’t seem to like doing that. He completely lacks urgency in a major way. He seems ok with putting rounds in the bank and doesn’t step on the gas. He seems to get lazy in the ring, doesn’t let his hands go, and will often not bring his right hand back up after he fires it. He seems like a sitting duck for a good catch and shoot fighter. He’d rather tie up than work on the inside, which is disappointing because he does have skills on the inside. He does not throw nearly enough combinations. There is entirely too much one punch at a time. His combination of low punch output, stylistic preference to fight going backward, plus the tendency to only fire off one at a time. Is a perfect recipe for dropping close decisions. 

Scout Grade: INCOMPLETE!  You can see why Main Events liked him and why he was such a successful amateur head coach Mike Murphy has taught the fundamentals really well and he can certainly fight. What you just can’t tell right now is any lack of power going to hold him back can it keep come-forward fighters at a much higher level at bay? His speed is good, will it be good enough at higher levels? It’s hard to tell right now. How’s his chin? He hardly gets hit squarely against the level of competition so we don’t really know. 

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