Weekend Review (7/9-7-11)

A solidly entertaining and completive day of boxing was capped of by masterful destruction by 30-year-old Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez of Mazatlan, Mexico, who absolutely took apart long-time light heavyweight contender Sullivan Barrera originally from Guantanamo, Cuba. The southpaw, Ramirez, started cautiously looking to set things up and firing off his jab. Even backing into the ropes at one point inviting his opponent in. When the veteran from Cuba, refused the bait, Ramirez went back to work. Out-jabbing his man and scoring on the inside with body shots. It was body shots that would change the fight. One in particular, a vicious left hand to the body of the Cuban dropped him to one knee late in the third. Barrera somehow made it to his feet and was able to survive the round. However the writing was on the wall and the 39-year-old Barrera was on his way out. Just seconds into the fourth Zurdo dropped his man once again with another short left to the body and again Barrera was able to make it to his feet. Ramirez jumped on his wounded opponent and went right back downstairs hurting him to the body yet again and then finishing him off with a massive left hand to the side of the head. A shot that dropped the Cuban for a third and final time. At 1:38 into round four, referee Thomas Taylor came rushing in to save Barrera, waive an end to the fight and hand Ramirez his 42nd win in 42 pro-fights. Following the fight, Ramirez mentioned WBA light heavyweight champ Dmitry Bivol as the opponent he wanted to fight next. When asked if he was ready for Bivol, a confident Ramirez responded with “You have to ask him if he’s ready for me”

Boxing News: Zurdo stops Barrera with body shots in four » July 12, 2021

The co-main featured two former southpaw 130-pound world titlists, fighting in the division just to the north. A Southern California, native Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz battled Javier Fortuna of the Dominican Republic. After the two lefties sized each other up the first round. It was Fortuna who first found the range, scoring in spurts, and showing off his superior speed. Diaz battled back in round two, getting onto the inside and timing the Dominican’s quick shots. In round three Things got ugly as Fortuna nailed Diaz behind the head and was given a firm warning. Just seconds later a butt opened a nasty and sizeable cut above Diaz’s left eye. A high-level boxing match had quickly turned into a fight and a fairly even one. A straight left hand breakthrough and rocked Fortuna just passed the one minute mark of round four. Diaz was then deducted a point moments later, seemingly without warning, for hitting to the back of the head. Fortuna, started the 5th round quickly, scoring with a straight left hand and right hook that sent the California native reeling into the ropes. Fortuna kept the pressure on causing Diaz to momentarily shell up and not fire back. in the sixth and seventh Fortuna stayed on his back foot firing off quick two and three punch combinations and not letting Diaz walk his way in on him. Seemingly taking the rounds, based on his speed and movement. Gaining confidence the Dominican began walking forward and landing combinations on Diaz in the eighth and began attempting to walk him back as the momentum had seemed to fully shift into the favor of Fortuna. Doubling up on right-hooks to the head and body of Diaz Fortuna seemed to be wearing down the naturally smaller opponent. However the American was not going to quit and fired back a vicious three paunch combo that landed cleanly on the head of Fortuna, momentarily freezing him and stopping his momentum. Diaz perhaps seeing the flight evening up on the cards, got more aggressive to start the 10th. Again he stunned his opponent with a straight left hand. Fortuna was no longer coming forward nor firing at the same rate. Diaz took his chance late in the 10th. Scoring with a big left hand that hurt Fortuna. Diaz stayed on the aggressive and unleashed a barrage of power shots just before the bell sounded to end the 10th. Wit the fight, likely in the balance, going into championship rounds, it was Diaz who seemed fresher and having more sting left on his punches. Diaz unleashed a five punch combination that landed cleanly on Fortuna and followed it up with a snapping left hand to seize the round and perhaps control of the fight going into the final stanza. The final round started quickly with the two combatants trading at close range. Again, with the fresher, snappier punches Diaz seemed to hurt his opponent with a short left in the final minute of the fight. Going to the cards it was an interesting contrast of what do you like the clean, thudding punches of the hometown fighter/ Or the quick combinations and work rate of the Dominican. The judges unanimously favored Diaz heavier hands by scores of 117-116-111 115-112

Jojo Diaz calls for Devin Haney or Ryan Garcia after win over Javier Fortuna  | DAZN News US

In the lone televised women’s fight, not much changed for long reigning women’s champ “Super Bad” Seniesa Estrada except for the weight class. Estrada, an East Los Angeles native, delighted her fans with a master class display off skills, speed, and some occasional pop. Scoring with timely straight right-hands that would snap back the head of her opponent Tenkai Tsunami, who held the 108-pound WBO title since 2018. Throughout the one-sided 10-round affair “Super Bad” switched from the conventional to southpaw stances as smoothly and seamlessly as she moves between the 105 and 108-pound divisions. By the seventh round, the defending champion was clearly a beaten fighter and the only question left was, could she survive the full 10 rounds. Estrada shifted her focus downstairs and fighting mainly from the conventional stance teed off with left hooks and right- hands to the body trying to wear the champion down and soften her up for a sensational stoppage for her hometown fans. At the midway point of the eight Estrada battered her opponent against the ropes, and it appeared the stoppage was inevitable, but Tsunami somehow answered the final bell and made it to the 10-round distance. The decision was academic as “Super Bad” captured the Woman’s WBO 108-pound belt by scores of 99-91 and 98-92 x2.

Voices from the Ring: Seniesa Estrada | DAZN News US

in an entertaining bout to open up the televised portion of the Gilberto Ramirez vs Sullivan Barrera card, was an interesting scrap between two unbeaten lightweight prospects. Hector Tanajara of San Antonio, Texas and William Zepeda of San Mateo Atenco, Mexico. Tanajara carried the first round against the all-out, come forward, Mexican. After that, the scrappy- Mexican appeared to figure a few things out and was all over the slick Texan. Battering his opponent with right hooks and body shots. The fleet-footed Texas sharpshooter, became flat-footed and stationary. After a better fifth found for Tanajara, that saw him able to stay off the ropes and keep Zepeda at bay. The momentum quickly changed back into the favor of Zepeda, in the sixth, who again was able to get in front of Tanajara and landed right hooks and short lefts at will. After the sixth-round trainer, Robert Garcia had seen enough and saved his fighter, giving Zepeda his 23rd and career-best win.

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