The Canelo/Golden Boy Divorce: What it means to Boxing Fans

Boxings biggest star and pound for pound king is now officially a free agent and the rumor mill is already going wild. Just days after the divorce between Canelo Alvarez and his promoter Golden Boy finally came to a bitter end. Two years ago Canelo and Golden Boy shocked the boxing world when Canelo signed an unprecedented contract with DAZN. The three-headed monster of Alvarez, Golden Boy, and DAZN  appeared to be linked for the rest of Canelo’s prime. An 11 fight deal that was the richest contract signed in the history of sports at that time, is now, two years later, no more. The contract is void and no matter how dysfunctional a marriage is, it’s always sad to see it end, and this marriage was dysfunctional but what does the new beginning mean for boxing fans?

Eddy Reynoso Announces Canelo Alvarez's Free Agency | Round By Round Boxing

The Good; Canelo is now free to fight whoever he wants and he seems motivated to do that. He is no longer bound to fight on any particular side of the street he is free to negotiate and make his own fights. knowing Canelo he will look to do nothing but fight the best. The rumors of negotiations for a December 19th fight with IBF 168-pound kingpin have been well documented and are beginning to look realistic. That would likely be at least a co-promoted event with PBC and likely to air on either FOX or Showtime PPV and is our preferred fight. If that can’t get made contacts have already been made to Callum Smith and Billy Joel Saunders who both fight on DAZN and would reunite Canelo with the streaming service that he just broke up with. Canelo will be able to and most likely will make all the best fights and should he fight a Top Rank it could bring the biggest name in boxing back to hundreds of millions of Americans for free or for the price of their basic cable subscription should he fight on ESPN/ABC. The possibilities are endless but the hurdles have all been removed and Canelo is free to fight whoever he wants when he wants and there’s no one else to blame if the fights don’t get made.

Canelo is a Free Agent. So Now What? - Boxing News

The Bad: DAZN changed the way we watched boxing. It was supposed to do away with the PPV model. Our $10-20 bucks a month or $100 annually would get us two Canelo fight nights per year plus 50 additional fight cards including some of the best fights in the sports. AJ, Jacobs, Estrada are just a few of the names we would have access to with our DAZN subscription. A value of hundreds of dollars streamlined into one boxing affordable boxing package. The crown jewel of that prize, Canelo, is now gone. We will likely have to go back to the PPV model and paying in the range of $75-100 per PPV plus keep our DAZN subscription

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez: Avni Yildirim reiterates right to mandatory fight |  Boxing News | Sky Sports

The Decision: It’s great in the sense that Canelo is able and willing to fight the best. There are no more hurdles if he wants to fight Plant, Charlo, Callum Smith, Joe Smith  Bivol, and Benavidez he can arrange for that. The downside is the price, boxing fans aren’t golf fans it’s a worlding class base. The cost is out of control. Boxing fans are going to be asked to pay $150 in the month of December for the Canelo PPV and the Spence/Garcia PPV a month after paying $75 for the Davis/Santa Cruz fight a month after the Charlo doubleheader. It’s no longer feasible for fights to afford this. The will have t obe adjustments made to pricing or the model of Pay Per Views $75 a month for one night of boxing is not a feasible model for fight fans or anyone. Hardcores will begin to pick and choose which fights to purchase and which to skip and that’s not great for the health of the

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