Loma/Lopez: Why Top Rank Should Pay Up

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez is one of the three best fights that can be made. Of all the pay per views on the docket for the remainder os 2020 (The Charlo bros, Tank Vs Leo, Spence vs Garcia, Wilder Vs Fury III) this is the best most entering 50/50 fight of all of them. It’s a potential changing of the guard fight, and could potentially be the beginning of the new era of lightweights that we previously wrote on. There could be a new “fab 5”  of lightweights (Lopez, Tank, Tanajara, Garcia, Haney) this fight could propel us into the new generation of lightweights. Or it could be schooling where the ol’ professor, Lomachenko, takes the pupil to school and says your time is coming but it’s still my time. Sort of like Mayweather did to Canelo back in 2013. Its an absolute can’t miss fight, with historical implication regardless of who wins and for that reason, it won’t get made and I would encourage Lopez to not make the fight for those reasons.

Boxing: Vasiliy Lomachenko to face Teofimo Lopez in September

Teofimo Lopez is a star in the making. He has the talent, the skill, the style in the ring, the posterizing knockouts, the dances the personality. Teofimo Lopez is the future face of boxing.  He’s not there yet. He is still the b-side to Vasyl Lomachenko. However, he is a b-side that adds a lot of value and makes a regular ESPN card into a PPV card. He deserves a legitimate 40% split of the purse. According to the latest reports Lopez is being offered $1.2 million and Loma is being offered $3.2. Which is what he made for his last two fights.$1.2m is the highest purse of Teo’s young career and he shouldn’t take it. He is worth much more if Loma is getting $3.2m, Lopez is worthy of a 40% split, meaning he deserves a purse of about $2.25million. He should take if for less than $2million. The money is there. Top Rank can offer him the $2-2.5million without even knowing the money is gone. They have a $90 million dollar deal with ESPN. They have had nearly no big money fights at this point, Fury vs Wilder was split and was a PPV fight, meaning most of the money was offset by PPV purchases. Top Rank didn’t lose anymore due to COVID that just paid out less money to make fights that no one cared about and no one watched. They have a huge sum of the money that is unspent BECAUSE OF COVID they can easily pay Lopez another half to three-quarters of a million. The unbeaten Brooklynite brings a to value, after averaging about 350k viewers through their summer series. ESPN needs a rating bonanza. This fight is that the money to pay Lopez is sitting in the glove compartment. Pay the man his worth. 

Teofimo Lopez planning to bully Vasiliy Lomachenko, says fight won ...

If Lopez can’t get the money he deserves make ESPN and Top Rank suffer with boring one-sided matches no one watches. The ESPN/Top Rank perspective is totally short-sided and penny-wise put dollar foolish. They can have Loma and Lopez fight mandatories and the Ricky Burns or the Javier Fortuna’s of the world and do nothing to boost Loma’s legacy and do nothing to build the Teo’s star. Or they can use the ESPN platform, put Lopez on First Take, and every ESPN show. Build his star up and pay him what he deserves for a fight of this magnitude and watch him become a superstar. They can have him fight George Kambosos jr, who is currently the highest-ranked lightweight according to the IBF, in a fight that no one is interested in and have Lomachenko fight, Lee Selby, in a one-sided beat down that no one cares about. They can do that and save a few bucks. Or they can pay the money Lopez deserves, that they have stashed in the glove compartment, put together one of the most exciting and historically relevant fights that can be made and make Lopez a star, win lose or draw in what will be a fight of the year type fight that captures the attention of not just the boxing audience but casual sporting fan

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