Prospect of the Month (June): Robert “Biggie” Rodriguez

As boxing returned so did some of its biggest and prized prospects as some of them failed to impress and others loss altogether one of the less celebrated and little known prospects stole the show and won the battle of unbeaten little men and stole the “0′” from highly touted prospect Adrian Servin on national television. Robert Rodriguez Jr who is known as “Biggie” a San Antonio Native who is trained in Riverside, California and trained by Robert Garcia,  came up big in scoring a sensational second-round knockout over Servin on June 18th’s Top Rank card that was headlined by Gabe Flores to run his record to 8-0-1(4) and capture our fighter of the week award.

The San Antonian known as Biggie was no stranger to fighting on big cards having fought previously on the Errol Spence Vs Mikey Garcia card in Cowboy Stadium as well as the Mikey Garcia vs Sergey Lipinets card in his hometown was not going to get lost in the moment. No stranger to fighting on big cards the hard-hitting but patient Rodriguez started off the bout strategically creating space and working his jab from the southpaw stance winning the battle of the jabs and timing his opponent’s right hand and making him miss with under a minute to go in the round Biggie landed the first meaningful shots of the fight a double right hook one downstairs and one upstairs that backed Servain up and built up the confidence of the young Texan. Rodriguez was figuring things out and just a minute into the second round a left hand to the solar plexus and right hook upstairs put the unbeaten Servin to the canvas Rodriguez kept swarming as Servin got to his feet and kept the pressure on and backing his opponent up with ripping body shots. Relentlessly stalking a big left hand rocked Servin’s head again and Biggie unleashed a violent array of power shots that let Serevain helpless in the ropes and brought the referee Kenny Bayless into waiving the bout off in round two giving Biggie Rodriguez jr the TKO victory.

Robert "BIGGIE" Rodriguez – Blacktop Legends

Robert Rodriguez was in a must-win fight in a fight that he took on short notice and probably wasn’t supposed to win according to the “experts” and “pundits”. Going into the fight Adrian Servin was probably the more touted of the two. However, once the bell rang it was a different story as Biggie was in control throughout and showed he was on another level entirely in dominating throughout. Rodriguez trains with our “Fighter Of The Week” and WBA world champ Josh Franco and Franco’s kid brother Bam Rodriguez who will likely be a world champ in the next 12-months or so. So, he with the right team and in the right camp to move up quickly and with his patience and punching power, he should move up the 118-pound rankings pretty quickly and could realistically be yet another world champ from Alamo City in the next few years.

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