"Glove Gate"Examined

With boxing on its longest hiatus, I can ever remember, hardcores and junkies need something to debate, something to talk about. On the top of that list is the condition of Tyson Fury’s gloves from his controversial draw with Deontay Wilder in their first fight back in December of 2018. The controversy has been dubbed “glove gate” and it goes like this. Accusers claim Fury in some way cheated by tampering with his gloves so Fury had his hand halfway in the glove. The footage of this claim came from the first encounter between the two then-undefeated heavyweights at the Staples Center on Dec 1st, 2018. In the lull of any meaningful boxing action, This story picked up steam via social media and boxing channels on YOUTUBE. This built-up outrage and combined with the cabin fever and boredom from the coronavirus shut in a petition Change.org petition was created.

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Chief Inspector, Mark Relyea, of the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) “The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) recognizes the importance of Safety and Security of the Boxing Gloves used in competition. We train extensively on our practice and emphasize attention to detail. Concerning the Championship fight on December 1, 2018, there are no pending investigations into foul play with the gloves used by Wilder or by Fury. On November 30, 2018 Glove selection process. These gloves went through a detailed inspection process. The Chief Second of both camps were present and able to inspect their opponents’ gloves during this selection process. Once the gloves were selected, they were kept with CSAC personnel. Each glove was weighed individually to ensure compliance with the rules. On December 1, 2018, The gloves were given to the assigned Inspectors of the Fury vs Wilder Championship fight. There was direct observation… in the locker room by the CSAC Inspectors. As always, the CSAC inspectors re-examined the gloves prior to allowing each fighter to put the gloves on. The gloves were pristine and compliant with all state-mandated rules. The gloves were taped on each fighter by the CSAC Inspectors. At the conclusion of the fight, as we do in all championship fights, the gloves and wraps were collected by the assigned CSAC Inspectors and taken the CSAC ringside table. The gloves and wraps were inspected by myself, the Executive Officer and shown to the CSAC Commissioners that were ringside. WBC personnel were also shown the gloves which had not been tampered with.

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For many outside of the boxing community, those not familiar with the process, it was aptly summed up CSAC inspector Relyea. The gloves are selected by each fighter and in full view of both camps, as well as the commission and the sanctioning body. They are then taken by a member of the commission and held onto overnight and weighed. They are then returned to the inspector on December 1, the day of the fight, and were given back to the inspector in confirmed, pristine condition where they were brought to the locker room and were examined again by both teams. Meaning, in order for there to be any tampering the following would all have to be in on the conspiracy. Not just team Fury, but the California Commission, the sanctioning body, and a member of team Wilder as they inspected the gloves twice. Meaning there is absolutely no chance there was any tampering of the gloves which is why there is no investigation into “glove gate”

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