Boxing Withdrawls Begin

I just wrapped up watching the Shobox card that aired on Showtime. A very solid card that featured several notable prospects, including Alejandro “Pork Chop” Guerrero who rallied late to remove all double and take a unanimous decision in his toughest test to date and his first time going eight rounds to move his record to 12-0. As well as a spectacular performance from welterweight prospect Brian Norman Jr, a previously, largely, unknown prospect out of Atlanta, Georgia who is known as the Assassin is unknown no longer. After a spectacular performance against Flavio Rodriguez and was headlined by a masterpiece performance by Brandun Lee. A 20-year-old vintage boxer-puncher prospect who stops opponents without breaking a sweat and looks destined for a world title in the relative near future on what was the last card for the foreseeable future.

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A solid card for sure, a vintage ShoBox card, that featured upcoming prospects and good all action scraps, but nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary. However, for some reason I think this fight will do a really high, unusually high, television rating. Not only was it the only major sporting event on in American it was also the last fight on the upcoming boxing scheduled that hasn’t been canceled. Boxing fans are spoiled, we don’t have an offseason. Unlike football where they play for four of five months and then get zero content till the next fall or like baseball or basketball that also have prolonged offseason. Boxing never stops, boxing fans don’t have to wait, sure sometimes there’s a lull in big fights but everyone weekend you can find something to fill the fight junkies fix.

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I have started watching boxing regularly as a nine-year-old. Holyfield-Bowe 1 hooked me and I couldn’t shake the addiction since. Throughout high school and college and now at 36-years-old hardly a weekend has passed that I didn’t get my boxing fix. Every fight I am aware of has been canceled from World Title fights at the mecca of boxing in New York City to local club shows in San Antonio. Everything is canceled and we may have to prepare ourselves for the possibility that fights like Hooker Vs Prograis, Inoue vs Casimero and Postol vs Postol may be postponed for a see cond time for the coronavirus.For the first time in my life I am gonig to go through boxing withdrawals, with no idea when my next fix may come. A sad and unusual reality that we as boxing fans have to deal with and go to together. If you have any ideas on how to deal with boxing withdrawals and how else to pass the time please share these ideas with your fellow boxing junkie.

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