Fighter Of The Week: Tyson Fury

This was boxings biggest weekend of the year so far. Featuring the most anticipated heavyweight rematch since Holyfield-Tyson 2, 23-years ago. Tyson Fury walked into the ring as the challenger, in what was a basically even money fight, Fury gave a career-best performance in what was nothing short of virtuoso, to retain his “lineal” heavyweight crown that he won by outboxing Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015. Additionally, The man known as the Gypsy King captured the WBC heavyweight strap as well as our Fighter Of the Week award. Fury delivered on his word and came in at a whopping 273-pounds and then took the fight to Deontay Wilder, dropping him twice on his way to a brutal one-sided seventh-round TKO victory. Shortly after reclaiming his position as the best heavyweight in the world, the newly minted WBC champ serenaded the capacity crowd at the MGM Grand with his rendition of Don McLean’s American Pie.

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Tyson Fury promised to come out aggressive and he delivered on that. Despite Wilder landing the first shot of note, a straight right hand that clipped the Gypsy King, Fury shook it off and kept moving forward responding with a big right hand of his own in a fairly action-packed opening stanza. Fury flurried with a barrage at the bell. Clearly getting the attention of Wilder. Wilder again landed early in the second round with a straight right hand, Fury took it well and continued to come forward. Just moments later Wilder is caught with a big right hand that seems to freeze the champ and shift the momentum fully in the challenger’s favor. That would come to a head in the third round. An aggressive Fury landed two right hands that put Wilder on very unstable legs Another big right landed on the champ’s ear and dropped him. Wilder got to his feet but on very unstable legs and was able to survive the third. Wilder was unable to regain his legs to start the fourth or at any point in the remainder of the fight. The onslaught was on. Fury landed right hands at will in the fourth that left Wilder holding on again. A body shot dropped the Bronze Bomber in the fifth putting him in a world of trouble, with Fury looking for the finish and landing at will referee Kenny Bayless calls for time to deduct a point from Fury for holding and hitting. Bailing out Wilder, at least momentarily. the break-in action allows wilder to catch his breath and make it through the fifth. The sixth starts off as the fifth ended, a big right hand from the challenger again wobbles the champ. Fury punished the American in the corner for the remainder of the round. Knowing Wilder is out on his feet Fury looked to finish the fight in the seventh, pinning Wilder into the corner with a big right hand and following up with smashing right hands in Wilder’s face. Forcing Wilder’s cornermen to throw the towel in and stop the fight. Giving Fury the seventh round TKO as well as the WBC heavyweight crown.

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Tyson Fury is now a megastar, a bona fide superstar on both sides of the Atlantic. He will have plenty of options and can more or less pick whatever fight he wants moving forward. Up next for the Gypsy King will likely be a trilogy with Wilder, assuming that the Bronze Bomber is interested in exercising his rematch clause. Wilder has 30-days to decide if he wants a third fight. Given the size of the purse, traditional logic would tell us that Wilder will jump at the third match with Fury. Contractually a third fight would have to happen by August of this year. Should Wilder pass, the two other big fights for him in the US would be with former unified world champ Andy Ruiz or Top Rank’s newest heavyweight acquisition Jerrell “Big Baby” Miller who was in line for a shot at Anthony Joshua’s title before failing a series of drug tests. The other option and perhaps the most lucrative option would be for Fury to go back to the UK and fight his countrymen, Anthony Joshua who holds the other three major world titles.

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