Top 20 Heavyweights of All Time

With the biggest Heavyweighnt rematch in decades just days away, now was the perfect time to complile this list. The Top 20 heavyweight champions of all-time. Currently there are no current heavyweight champs on this list. That will certainly change as the winner of Wilder-Fury 2 will certainly be on the next addition of this list but as of today here is our list of the top 20 heavyweights of all time

20 Ezzard Charles 

Image result for ezzard charles

19 Max Schmeling 

18 Riddick Bowe

Image result for riddick bowe

 17 Wladimir Klitschko

16 Ken Norton

15 John L Sullivan 

Image result for john l sullivan

14 Mike Tyson

Image result for mike tyson

13 James Jefferies 

12 Sonny Liston

11 Gene Tunney

Image result for gene tunney

10 Rocky Marciano

Image result for rocky marciano

9 Jack Johnson

8 Joe Frazier

7 Evander Holyfield

Image result for evander holyfield james buster douglas

6 Jack Dempsey

5 George Foreman

4 Lennox Lewis

Image result for lennox lewis

3 Joe Louis

2 Muhammad Ali

Image result for muhammad ali

1 Larry Holmes

Image result for larry holmes vs tex cobb

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