Prospect Of The Month: Tristan Kalkreuth

Every once in a great while comes along a young prospect that is so big, so strong and powerful and so athletic that everyone in the gym and everyone in the arena takes notice. When that larger than life prospects seals the deal with a sweet backflip you know you have found the real deal. Tristan “Sweet T” Kalkreuth of Dallas, Texas. Kalkreuth was signed by Golden Boy promotions back in June of last year and the proceeding seven months has been nothing short of spectacular. The 18-year-old mega prospects who currently campaigns at somewhere between light heavyweight and cruiserweight has captured the attention of the American fight fan, scored four straight wins three by knockout and takes home our Prospect of the Month for January award for his memorable knockout victory in his home state of Texas on the Munguia-O’Sullivan card in San Antonio back on the 11th of the month.

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In the time it takes you to read this Prospect of the Month piece Tristan Kalkreauth could have knocked out Blake LaCaze, at least twice. The Texan walked into the Alamodome with giant expectations and he did not disappoint. As soon as the opening bell rang Kalkrueth landed several shotguns like jabs that snapped the head of LaCaze backward. Clearly able to impose his will “Sweet T” walked his man backward and with his massive wingspan landed a giant left hook that put the overmatched LaCaze on the seat of his pants just 54 seconds into the fight. The overmatched opponent was able to get to his feet but the writing was on the wall and less than a minute later Kalkreuth scored with a stunning right hand and then followed up with another patented left hook that sent LaCase tumbling to the canvas for good as the ref waived the fight off giving Kalkreuth fourth victory and third knockouts in four professional bouts.

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When speaking to Kalkreauths famed trainer Ronnie Shields, he said that T walks around at about 195 pounds and the goal is simple. Build up the naturally talented and hyper-athletic 18-year old into a full-blown heavyweight. He could get down to 175 and be a massively big light heavyweight and have a ton of success at the division, but why? What would be the point of that the goal is to put 20-25 pounds on him over time and make him the next great American heavyweight, and give Golden Boy Promotions exactly what they need a heavyweight of the future to go along with Canelo and the fleet of smaller weight division talents like Hector Tanajara and Ryan Garcia, Kalkreauth is a project and he is going to be moved slowly there’s no reason to rush him, consider this if it takes him four years to build up and make him a full-blown heavyweight at that time he will be 22, the same age as our 2019 Prospect of the Year Daniel Dubois. It could be a long process till Kalkreauth is at a world championship level but he is going to continue to turn heads and entertain and amaze American fight fans along the way.

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