How Canelo became an All-Time great Before Turning 30

Saul ” Canelo” Alvarez is making it very difficult for the haters to keep hating! His 11th round come from behind knockout of light heavyweight champ and future hall of famer Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev has elevated Alvarez to the top spot pound for pound. It also moves the Mexican to all-time great fighter status. Whenever you are the biggest draw in a sport, you are going to attract critics and haters. That is just a matter of fact, that comes with the territory. Those haters job just got a lot harder in the wake of the Kovalev knckout. Canelo dared to be great and succeeded!

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Canelo is old school. Canelo doesn’t care about the politics, Canelo doesn’t care about weight classes either. Canelo represents all that is good about boxing. A true throwback fighter. Canelo was signed to fight Paul Williams when Williams was in the horrific motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed. The Punisher had beaten Sergio Martinez fighting as high as middleweight and was ducked by Floyd Mayweather. However, a young Canelo didn’t care and wanteed to fight the most avoided man in boxing Paul The Punisher Williams. After the accident the icon from Guadalajara had to settle for Josesito Lopez, who is still competing at a world class level and nearly stopped Keith Thurman. After Canelo disposed of the rugged Lopez he had a pending fight with Mayweather, the biggest draw in the sport far and away. It represented biggest payday of Canelo’s career.Instead of picking a gimme defense in the interim, Canelo threw caution to with and fought the best fighter of his young career. Risking the Mayweather fight opting to fight fellow undefeated jr middleweight champion Austin Trout who had just beaten Miguel Cotto had become one of the most avoided fighters in the sport. The Canelo-Trout fight proved to be the biggest test of Canelo’s career a fight that he needed a knockdown and late rally to pull out a very close decision. Canelo eeked by Trout and was rewarded with the Mayweather fight

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At just 23-years old Canelo fought Floyd Mayweather. The best fighter of his generation and one of the greatest fighters of all time. A young Canelo manned up and fought him. Loosing badly and being outclassed, clearly not ready for the moment, he dropped a wide decision and was thoroughly dominated by the best fighter on the face of the earth. After dropping the decision to Mayweather, Canelo skipped the tune up and went right into an all-Mexican scrap with Alfredo Angulo and then went on to fight the next best pure boxer available in the world, Erislandy Lara. A fight that his promoter Oscar De La Hoya pleaded with him not to take! Canelo didn’t care and said I want Lara and only Lara. He was given Lara and was probably beaten but received a generous split decision. The Guadalajara native followed that up by fighting the legendary Miguel Cotto the very next year. an unprecedented resume for a kid who was just 25 at that time.

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At not yet 30-years old Canelo signed, at the time the biggest contract in the history of American sports. Become the pound for pound king of the sport has accumulated, we will call it, world titles in three different weight classes while skipping over 168, which he will likely go back to and capture a fourth world title. He has beaten the likes of, Kovalev, GGG, Jacobs, Cotto, Trout, Alvarez, Lara, Sugar Shane Mosley and Amir Khan a stunning resume for the still 20 something year old. The best part about Canelo is that he has 4 more years left on his contract with DAZN and fight with Billy Joe Saunders, Bivol, Charlo and others are likely on the way. Canelo has become the all time great fighter who you will tell your grand kids about.

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