Patrick Day: Fighting All Day Every Day

The night before his showdown with Charles Conwell I was texting back and forth with Patrick Day trying to arrange an interview with the jr middleweight prospect but our schedules kept conflicting. The last thing I texted him was:” I’ll talk to you tomorrow after you score that knockout and pull the upset. Good Luck and God Bless champ!” Patrick Day was with his team and some friends and family from Long Island and like the warrior he is, he was busy preparing for battle. Team Day was completely confident they were going to go into the Wintrust Arena, in Chicago, and pull the upset. Not because Conwell was overrated or flawed, but because they knew what Patrick Day was capable of. The Long-Islander was coming off of a career rejuvenating performance. A performance against world title contender Carlos Adames, of the Dominican Republic, a fight that was 50/50 but went in favor of Adames, the house fighter, the bigger prospect. Day dropped a very close and controversial decision but certainly reestablished himself as a world-class Jr middleweight.

Day entered the Conwell fight in excellent shape, fully confident and well-prepared for battle. Knowing how a victory over such a highly regarded prospect on such a big stage would propel his career. The Long Island native was going to give it hell. When the bout turned in favor of Conwell in the first round and a sharp left hook drove Day into the ropes late in the opening round, the determined New Yorker wasn’t going to go down without a fight. He made adjustments and attempted to establish his natural height and reach advantage. However, Conwell stayed on the aggressive working his way onto the inside and scoring a flash knockdown late in round four. Day, however, had moments in every round keeping the fight competitive and going into the eighth, where Day was fighting like crazy to get himself back in the fight and was perhaps having his best round a lightning-quick right hand from Conwell sent Day to the canvas for a second time. That knockdown combined with Conwell taking the ninth put Day in a situation where he couldn’t possibly win the fight on the cards. Needing a knockout and fully aware of the situation, Day did the only thing he could do, go for broke. fighting to win, Day looked to score a knockout in the final round. He came out on the aggressive and scored some with some clean right hands and was accounting well for himself until Conwell landed a brutal left hook that ended the fight 1:46 into the 10th and final rounds.

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Patrick Day did the only thing he knew how to do, fight, and fight until the very end. He did that on Saturday night at the Wintrust Arena. He did that against Adames back in June and he did that every single time he stepped foot in the ring. He did that in the battle for his life as, which ended tragically yesterday, October 16th. Ask anyone back in Long Island who knew Patrick Day and they will all tell you the same thing. No one worked harder than Pat, NO ONE and no one was more dedicated NO ONE. The Long Island native didn’t fight because he had no other choices, a super-intelligent kid with a college degree, Day certainly had options outside of boxing and life after boxing. He fought because he was a fighter! It was clearly his passion and he fought well and he fought hard. When I texted Day Friday night that “I would talk to him tomorrow after the fight”, never did I think that I would never get that chance. Rest Easy champ and may God Bless and comfort the Day family and those who knew the champ best! We lost a great one.

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