Top 10 US Prospects

1.Vergil Ortiz-21 Welterweight

Image result for Vergil Ortiz

2.Brandon Figueroa-22 Super Bantamweight

Image result for Brandon Figueroa

3.Teofimo Lopez-21 Lightweight
4.Shakur Stevenson 22 Featherweight
5.Omar Juarez-20 Jr Welterweight

6.Devin Haney- 20 Lightweight

7.Josh Greer Jr- 25 Bantamweight

8. Jesse Bam Rodriguez- 19 Light Flyweight

Image result for jesse bam rodriguez

9. Hector Tanajara- 22 Lightweight

10. Austin “Ammo” Williams- 23 Junior Middleweight

Image result for austin ammo williams

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