Top 20 P4P Of The Past 30 Years

1-Roy Jones Jr

Image result for roy jones jr

2-Floyd Mayweather

Image result for floyd mayweather jr vs shane mosley

3-Pernell Whitaker

Image result for pernell whitaker

4-Manny Pacquiao
5-Bernard Hopkins
6-Juan Manuel Marquez

Image result for juan manuel marquez vs manny pacquiao 4

7- Marco Antonio Barrera
8- Lennox Lewis
9- Evander Holyfield

Image result for evander holyfield vs dokes

10-Julio Caesar Chavez
11.-Shane Mosley

Image result for mosley vs oscar

12-Oscar De La Hoya
13-Erik Morales
14-Terence Crawford

Image result for terence crawford

15-James Toney
16-Ricardo Lopez
17-Miguel Cotto

Image result for miguel cotto bloody

18-Felix Trinidad
19-Canelo Alvarez
20-Vasyl Lomachenko

Image result for lomachenko drops campbell

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