147- Heats Up! Will Anyone Man up to Bud?

A 147-pound title fight between two American world champions packed out At&T Stadium in Texas and sold 400K PPV sales outdrawing the heavyweight title fight between Wilder and Fury. Another Pay Per View is about to go down, showcasing the top fighter in the world who happens to also be a Welterweight Terence “Bud’ Crawford. In addition, a legend returned to the ring and did a very solid 400K PPV sales as well, also in the welterweight division, re-establishing Manny Pacquiao as a television and PPV star. The great news is fight fans won’t have to wait long to see these 147-pound superstars return and return to mega fights. Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman are in heavy negations for a July showdown to determine who the real WBA champ is! Last reports were the two sides are very close. Errol Spence and Shawn Porter are also close to closing in on a 3rd quarter showdown to unify the WBC & IBF straps a fight that could potentially land back in AT&T Stadium.

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Both fights are great, action-packed, highly competitive, fan-friendly fights. However, neither of these mega fights will determine who the best 147 popunders in the world is, That title belongs to only one of two men, Errol “The Truth” Spence and Terence “Bud” Crawford. Period. Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Manny Pacquiao, and Yordenis Ugas round out the top six, 147 pounders in the world the order is certainly debatable. What’s not debatable is who are the top two and that’s clear Spence and Crawford. All of the names in the top six, Crawford the Pound for Pound King of the sport, are on the same side of the aisle. After a year or so of ducking each other they have agreed to fight each other, but will any of them agree to hop on the other side of the street and dare to be great and challenge the P4P kingpin Crawford? So for that answer has been resounding. No!

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Danny Garcia wouldn’t return phone calls for a $3million+ upside offer and agreed to fight Adrian Granados for a fraction of the pay. Demonstrating Garcia’s unique ability to skip over dollars to pick up pennies. Great flexibility Danny!! Keith Thurman said he has no respect for Crawford, but then said he needed a year of tune-ups to fight him? That’s alotta respect “run time” for someone you dont respect. And Manny Pacquiao ran from Top Rank to avoid fighting Crawford, after the fight had been rumored for several years and was set up to be a passing of the torch type of moment, Manny never expressed interest in it and opted to the other side of the street and recent feuds with Bob Arum over getting paid makes this fight highly unlikely in the future.

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That leaves just one man, the Truth. Errol Spence Jr. Will Spence stand up and accept the only that fight that really matters? Will Spence demand the fight to determine welterweight supremacy? So far the answer has been loud & clear and it is Nah! Spence said he was unwilling to travel to NYC and attend Bud’s fight to call him out. He has told Bud if he wanted smoke to grab a belt. Bud obliged and captured the WBO strap. Spence then said Nah just kidding, I’ll fight Porter instead “Why wouldn’t I take the easy route,” Spence told the P4P King. What was the point of telling Bud to go get a belt then? EJ went and told Crawford that his name was never even mentioned during a heated face-off. Really? The top fighter in the world, who happens to be in your weight class is readily available and calling you out. You dont even mention his name during meetings. That’s interesting. Spence vs Bud is the best fight that can be made in boxing and yes it can be made.

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Its been 20 years since De La Hoya and Tito Trinidad worked across the aisle to make what was the biggest non-heavyweight affair ever at that time (1999) Trinidad left the highly controversial victor and unified the welterweight straps and established himself as the man at 147. This is the same exact opportunity available to Spence and Crawford. 0 years ago Tito and the Golden Boy were determined to show they were the best at the historic weight class and they forced BobArum who promoted Oscar and Don King who promoted Tito to make the fight happen and the fight between “Odd Couple” Oscar vs Felix was made. The idea of Bob Arum and Al Haymon working together to make a Spence/Crawford fight seems far fetched, but all it takes is for them to fo what Oscar and Felix did and call each other out and demand their promoters make this fight and only this fight. Crawford has done his job in no uncertain terms calling out the Texan will Spence rise to the occasion and accept the challenge and force his promoter to make the fight as Oscar and Felix forced Arum and King to do so a generation ago?

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