Where Does Bud Go After Khan?

Terence Crawford is receiving a bit of backlash for his choice of opposition, not from us, but many in the boxing community. Amir Khan has been iced three-times and looked more than a bit shaky in getting floored by Samuel Vargas in his last outing back in Spetmeber. Prior to Khan coming back in 2018, the former 140-pound champ had been highly inactive over what amounted to a five year span from April of 2013 to April of 2018 fighting just four times in the five year span. A span that consumed most of his prime years. That being said Khan isn’t the best opponent, but he may have been the best opponent available to Bud. Which is why we can’t fault him for the Khan fight. Al Haymon simply isn’t going to feed one of his welterweights to Crawford. Danny Garcia was offered $3 million to fight Bud and didnt return the call, this is the same Danny Garcia, who as an undefeatedm world champion took a Keith Thurman fight for $2 million. Now two years larer, with no belts and and a crooked number in his loss column tuens down $3million ans opted for a fraction of that amount. Garcia turned down the biggest payday available to him to not fight Bud. Consider that.

In addition to Danny Garcia’s avoidence of Bud, IBF Weltwerweight title holder, Errol Spence told Bud, during their memorable face off, that his name wasn’t even mentioned . Spence stated he would rather go the easy path (meaning Shawn Porter) and went on to say that Manny Pacquiao’s name was mentioned but not his. Keith Thurman, who eeked out a controversial MD over journeyman Josesito Lopez in his last outing said that he didn’t even respect Cawford at 147, but also said that he needed a year of tune ups to get ready for Crawford. So you have no respect for him, but you need a year of tune ups to get ready for him? Well how about you pick one Mr. “Run Time”? Do you have no respect for him or is he so good that you need a year of tune ups to perpare for him? It has to be one or the other it cant be both. Bob Arum openly said that he refused to let Manny Pacquiao fight Terence Crawford, I dont know how Bud’s responds to fact that his promoter refused to give him a shot at his cash cow, but thats none of my business. So it’s division wide epidemic. No one wants smoke with Bud.

Crawford, a three division world champion, has gotten unfair amount of critizsm about his resume. The chatter of who has he ever beateanconstantly reats its ugly head. Well, lets address that! Bud became one of only five men to ever hold all four belts in the same weight clas simultaneously. Meaing he literally cleaned out the division. He beat the best of the best of the 140-pound division, if you dont like names like Postol and Indongo, thats not on TBud, those were the champs at the time. You can only beat the guys in his weight class, and he beat them soundly and thorughly and barely lost a single round in unifying a division. He took down multiple division champ Ricky Burns and Yuriokis Gamboa. At 147, Jeff Horn beat Manny Pacquiao, and Pac didn’t want to rematch. So whatever you may think of Horn, he was the man who beat the man period. Crawford absolutely dismantled the Hornet having a field day on his way to a 9th round TKO. Bud’s resume isn’t spotty, its not even questionable, its actually excellent!

Image result for terence crawford top rank

Crawford isn’t getting a fight with Spence or Thurman or Porter or Ugas if he is succesful in upsetting Porter next month. It’s not happening. So where does Crawford, who happenes to be the #1 pound for pound fighter on the face of th earth go from here? Who does he fight when everyone on the PBC simply refuses to fight ,and Arum refused to hand Manny Pacquiao to him when the were both with Top Rank. No worries. We have a two fight plan for Terence Crawford that can help him make lemonade out of the lemons he is being handed by the current welterweights.Top Rank clearly has a functioning relationship with Eddie hearn and Matchroom, go back to Eddie and after Kell Brook dismantels Jessie Vargas, go fight Kell. Fight him in either Vegas or in the UK either way its a win over the resurgent Kell Brook and another big pay day. After that is the interesting one. Who’s left at 147? Well no one right? Perps, thats wht they need to make the big offer to Regis Prograis. At that point Prograis will have likely won the WBSS or atleast had a win over WBA 140-pound champ Kiryl Relikh. If the tournament is still on going the offer to Prograis to fight the number one Pound for pound guy will be to great to refuse and he would withdraw from the tournament. A Crawford-Prograis PPV, at that point, would be a red hot ESPN PPV. It would be the biggest fight of his career and if you want to knock Bud for fighting a smaller guy, first look at the size of Prograis and lets keep in mind that Bud came up form 135! Thats the name and fight Bud needs to elevate his status as a PPV star and get him the respect that even his haters can’t deny.

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