Today’s Big 3: 1/25

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All of Ireland’s Jono Carroll twitter beefing has finally paid off. Despite fighting to a draw with Guillaume Frenois, a fight that was supposed to be a showcase for the young Irish prospect. To help build a showdown with Tevin Farmer turned out to be a back and forth life and death battle with the French veteran. Despite the disappointing performance and draw, Carroll had to settle for, he was awarded a shot at Tevin Farmer the IBF super featherweight champ. The two engaged in an entertaining back and forth twitter war prior to Carroll’s fight against Frenois on December 8th. The Farmer vs Carroll scrap will be held in Philadelphia at Temple University on March 15th. A homecoming that Farmer is excited for saying “This is big for me, fighting as a World champion in Philly. When does Philly hold big World championship shows? This is big. It’s a boxing town but this is as big a show as there’s been here for a long time,”

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Daniel Jacobs was the big winner of the Canelo sweepstakes, he will likely earn the biggest payday of his career and will get a chance to upset the biggest star in the sport which could, in turn, make the Brooklyn-born “miracle man” the biggest star in the sport. However, given some of the horrible, epically, bad scorecards we have seen Canelo the beneficiary of in many of his tight fights. Jacobs wondered if there’s anything he can do to get a fair shot. In addition to the infamous 118-110 Adalaide Byrd scorecard, CJ Ross scored the Mayweather fight a draw!! Canelo lost at least 10 rounds. Levi Martinez scored the Lara fight 117-111 in favor of Canelo a fight most thought Lara easily outboxed Canelo. A year later David Moretti scored 11 rounds for Canelo in his slugfest with Cotto. In Canelo’s breakthrough fight against Trout, a fight that most saw pretty even, Stanley Christodoulou handed in an inexplicable 118-109 scorecard. There does seem to be a consistent and reoccurring theme that one judge has his/her scorecard filled out in favor of Canelo before the fight starts.

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Good news for fight fans, good news for Tyson Fury, good news for Deontay Wilder, bad news for Anthony Joshua. Frank Warren promoter of undefeated heavyweight Tyson Fury, says Fury “is without question going to face WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in a rematch.” Fury and Wilder battled last month in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. The bout ended in a controversial twelve round split draw. Most observers felt that Fury was the clear winner. The two sides appear close to reaching a final agreement and Warren is hoping to finalize a rematch deal in the very near future. Saying “We’re negotiating and I hope by the end of this week we’ll be in a position to announce something one way or another, fingers crossed,” Warren also explained a wilder fight is a much more lucrative and meaningful fight for his man than is a Joshua fight. Warren added “It’s more meaningful fight and it’s a bigger money fight. Of course, it is, you’ve got American pay-per-view. What are you going to get for Joshua and Tyson? There’s far more money for that [Wilder] fight, it’s much more meaningful. Tyson and Wilder’s last fight generated more income than [Alexander] Povetkin and Joshua,”

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