Today’s Big 3: 1/11

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AB, about to be a legend?– Adrien Broner has always had a very high opinion of himself and has now stated beating 40-year-old Manny Pacquiao will make him a legend. A win on PPV will certainly elevate his status and he is already a money-maker despite his three loses. A win could secure him another mega fight on PPV possibly with Errol Spence or possibly Floyd Mayweather. I guess it depends on how loosely one defines “legend”. Broner’s resume is always a hot topic for debate. AB is a four-division world-champ which usually is an automatic hall of fame qualifier. However, outside of beating Paulie Malignaggi for a 147 pound title, his other straps are highly questionable and most don’t think AB is anywhere near hall of fame worthy.

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Andrade has harsh words for Canelo– WBO Middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade is calling out Canelo Alvarez saying he “can’t just fight bums” Canelo is coming off of a victory over Rocky Fielding and capturing a version of the WBA Super Middleweight title. Andrade thinks he certainly needs to fight a bit stiffer competition. Which is interesting as Andrade prepares to battle Artur Akavov, a mostly unknown middleweight who is best known to hardcores for having fought competitively against a young billy joe saunders. Akavov is 33-years-old and in no ones top 10 at 160. So Andrade’s call out is a bit peculiar given his level of competition. It has been widely held that Andrade was heavily avoided at 154 and that is why he moved up to 160 and signed with Eddie Hearn and DAZN. Andrade is a defensively responsible southpaw and very tall for the weight class No wonder why others aren’t chomping at the bit to fight him. Both fighters are contractually obligated to DAZN so hopefully, we do get a Canelo/Andrade unification at some point in the near future.

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Wilder/Fury2 set to be held in US. A major point of contention for the Wilder/fury rematch was location. Fury wanted the fight in his home county as did Wilder. Fury was badly robbed and had to settle for a draw in their first fight and didn’t want to go through that again. However, Frank Warren says he is willing to travel back to the states. Warren went on to say “the venue is looking like the US, that’s where the money is. Tyson was disappointed with the judging with the last fight, as I was, so a lot of things need to be sorted but the US is where they want it, probably in the second quarter. Vegas would be one of the options. I wouldn’t want to go back to California, I didn’t like working with the Californian commission and there were a lot of things we didn’t like there. Tyson is already in the gym working hard, ticking over, and I think we would get it [the fight versus Wilder] before June. We’re not complicated, Tyson is the most uncomplicated person you will meet, and he will fight anyone,” That is all good news for fight fans who want a rightful winner a rightful heavyweight champ.

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