Today’s Big 3: 1/7/19

1- A hot prospect calls out a young champion- Shakur Stevenson who is undefeated in six professional fights has called out UK boxer Josh Warrington (27-0, 6 KOs) who is undefeated in 27 pro fights. Stevenson who is just 20 was asked at a public workout who he would like to fight next, he said, “I want Josh Warrington, he got the belt, I want him.” he didn’t mention a date or even say this year so there is no rush to making this fight. Stevenson is a tremendously talented prospect but is still really green and inexperienced having turned pro just 20-months-ago. Warrington on the other hand just took a 12-round UD over Carl Frampton and defeated Lee Selby earlier that year. As talented and athletically gifted as Stevenson is, he hasn’t fought anyone near that level.

Image result for Whyte vs usyk

2- Whyte says no one knows who Usyk is, doesn’t want that smoke. Oleksandr Usyk was the 2018 The Ring Fighter of the year and more importantly won the 3DBoing fighter of the year award, captured the Ali Trophy, became the undisputed Cruiserweight champ, and is the top 5-10 in everyone’s Pound for pound list. Despite all of this Dillian Whyte says no one knows who Usyk is. If Whyte can’t get the fight on April 13th at Wimbley against Joshua he said there are only five heavyweights worth fighting and Usyk isn’t one of them. Joseph Parker also had no interest in fighting Usyk. Eddie Hearn is looking to move the Cruiserweight king quickly through the heavyweight division and possibly even match Usyk against Joshua later this year. The names of Luis Ortiz and Alexander Povetkin have both been rumored as possible opponents for Usyk’s introduction

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3- Freddie Roach says there will be a May/Pac2- Assuming Manny Pacquiao is successful in his title defense against Adrian Broner, Pac Mans legendary trainer Freddie Roach thinks there will be a rematch between the two future halls of farmers. Roach said “Nothing official yet but why did Mayweather fight that fight (with Tenshin)? To get back in the public eye? I think so. I think he could be available next. I just hope it happens because I was very disappointed with the last Mayweather fight. It does bother me because we went into the fight and Manny told me in the fourth that his shoulder was hurt. At that point, he was just going through the motions and so forth. I wish we had done surgery (on the shoulder ahead of the 2015 fight) so it didn’t blow out. But it did blow out in the fourth-round.”The blow out shoulder story seems suspect as at no point did Pacquiao complain of a shoulder injury nor did Roach appear nor did the corner give it any special attention in between the rounds. Both fighters would be in their 40’s but once a star always a draw and the fight would still be a huge draw and financial gain for all parties involved.

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