Judging The Judges: The Horrible Scoring Of 2018!

As the year draws to an end, every boxing publication and pundit will begin to give out year-end awards. Debates for fighter of the year, fight of the year, trainer of the year and so on. The debates will be endless and will never come to a consensus on any of those awards. However, the entire boxing world will agree that the judges are to receive no award whatsoever. It was an embarrassingly bad year for judges all over. Which, concluded with perhaps the worst month and worst night of scoring in the history of American boxing.

Image result for Fury vs wilder Draw

December was an absolute embarrassment for boxing. It started on December 1, when Tyson Fury won no less than nine rounds against Wilder and only one judge scored the fight for The Gypsy King. Alejandro Rochin scorecard of 115-111 will now go down in infamy along with CJ Ross’s 114-114 Mayweather/Canelo draw and Adalaide Byrd’s 118-110 Scorecard in favor of Canelo over GGG in their first bout as incomprehensibly bad scorecards that make absolutely no sense to any sane and objective human being. After the Wilder/Fury debacle things went from bad to tragic on the Primer of PBC On Fox. Two Charlo’s, two fights, six scorecards, four of which are incomprehensible and inexplicably bad. All three judges that scored the bout For Harrison especially the 116-112 scorecard handed in by Robin Taylor. In the main event veteran judge Larry Hazard Jr. handed in a scorecard that was just as bad as the infamously bad ones but he got the winner right so perhaps it won’t be remembered, but the 119-108 in favor of Jermall is inexcusable… If Nothing else Korobov won rounds 2,3 and 4. There’s no doubt about, one can’t even argue that. Not a single reasonable case can be made that he won any of those rounds. So the widest that fight could be is 117-110. The widest. It was, however, closer than that.

Image result for alejandro rochin
Aleandro Rochin

So that’s four scorecards out of six plus two out of three scorecards on the Wilder/Fury out of the mega fights in December were a majority overwhelmingly, and indescribably bad and inexcusable. That is obviously a problem. There used to be a time when we went to the cards and saw Fighter A beat fighter B, clearly and convincingly, round after round we would go to the scorecards and fighter A would get his arm raised. That is no longer the case. Its the wild, wild west out there now. We have no clue who is going to get their hand raised. Getting your hand raised obviously is not impacted but how you faired in the fight itself. Apparently, it has to do with other things that the powers that be wont tell us about. This really only affects American fights and judges. On the same day as the Charlo scoring travesties, there were two world-class fights in the UK. We scored Warrington/Frampton 116-112 in favor of Warrington the judges mainly agreed scoring it 116-112 x2 and 116-113. In Whyte/Chisora they scored the fight 95/94 for Whyte twice and once for Chisora by the same score at the time of the stoppage we had it 95-94 Chisora. So six scorecards all on the money and completely reasonable in the UK. The judges scored the same fight that we all watched what a novel idea!

Image result for alexander vs ortiz

The scoring this year has been a year-long disgrace.It started with the Alexander/Ortiz draw early in the year in Texas. It concluded with the travesties in NY and LA in December. Its a nationwide problem, a problem with no consequences. Consider this, Alejandro Rochin who scored wide for Wilder against Fury was scoring fights again in California the very next week. His bad, awful, no good behavior was rewarded. Adaleide Byrd is still scoring fights like nothing ever happened. This is an easy fix. Each state needs to have their governing body review the scorecards of their judges. The sanctioning bodies need to do ton every title fights and fight that they sanction and supervise, and keep a scoring system on the judges. Baseball does this with umpires, how many balls and strikes did they get right and wrong. Boxing needs to judge the judges, the judges who score the most rounds correctly get the highest ratings and get to judge the biggest fights and get the biggest purses. Those with the lowest have to go back, get re-trained and start back scoring four rounders and the more obscure cards that should be one-sided and easier to score. Other sports do this and it works, boxing needs to implement this immediately for 2019. All states should require it internally, and they should require each sanctioning body to submit a review and a scorecard of all judges.

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