Jermell Charlo’s Regression

Saturday nights co-main event at the Barclays was supposed to show off the awesome offensive firepower and picture-perfect boxing skills of Jermell Charlo. Priming him along with his identical twin brother Jermall. Jermell’s B side in the co-main, Tony Harrison was an opponent a top 10-15 type of 154 pounders with good boxing skills and a recognizable name. Who was supposed to offer some resistance but ultimately succumb to Charlo and get stepped in the later rounds? He was a common opponent having also faced WBA/IBF Jarrett Hurd. We were supposed to see who made easier work of the jr middleweight contender. It was too serve as a measuring stick and build the debate and hype for the unification bout between Hurd and Charlo which seemed inevitable for 2019. However, Harrison had far different plans and completely derailed Charlo’s plan. A fight between Hurd and Charlo could still happen. It just has obstacles in the wat now but does anyone really think Charlo would have any chance at all against Hurd?

Derek James said “there’s not much to work on, he looked really good” if this is the type of advice he is getting from his trainer he needs to get a new trainer. The truth is he didn’t look really good and there’is a lot to work on. However, the fact is Jermell Charlo won the fight, he beat Tony Harrison on Saturday night at the Barclays. We scored the fight live 10-2, after watching it again we scored it 9-3 for Charlo. We aren’t suggesting for one minute that this was anything other than a horrible bogus decision, it was. That doesn’t change the fact that Charlo didn’t look good and has a lot to work on. Both of these things can be true. Harrison is a B level fighter who got stopped in both of his step up fights against Hurd and Willie Nelson. Harrison wasn’t winning rounds and veteran, experienced judges should have noticed that Charlo was winning round after round. Although Harrison was doing better than expected and doing enough to make the rounds fairly close he wasn’t winning those rounds.

Image result for Jermell Charlo vs Harry Joe Yorgey

Charlo has gotten away from the quintessential boxer-puncher that took him to the world title and elite level, he was chasing Harrison around, swinging wildly and eating way too many jabs. He is constantly on the attack, constantly stalking. He isn’t going to beat Hurd that way, he isn’t even going to beat Mungunia or Lara that way. If Charlo is going to get back on top it isn’t going to be at the R&R gym with Derrick James. That’s no disrespect to the reigning Ring Magazine trainer of the year, they just aren’t meshing. Charlo scored a couple of knockouts and looked sensational, but he isn’t Spence and shouldn’t try to stalk people down and break them like Spence does.

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We recently caught up with Ronnie Shields and asked him how he can go back and forth between training a defensive wizard like Pernell Whitaker and then train an all-out blood and guts slugger like Arturo Gatti. Shield’s replied in simplistic fashion “It’s not hard, it’s not brain surgery, they all have elite skills at that level you just work with what they have” That’s whats Charlo needs now he needs to get back to what made him one of the top prospects and eventually a world champion, a patient boxer-puncher who picks his spots and pursues the KO if its there if it doesn’t sit back and take what is there and put rounds in the bank, take the UD. Just like Jermall Charlo did a picking up the decision victory on Saturday nights main event, and Jermall happens to be trained by Shields.

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