Fighter Of The Week: Tevin Farmer

Our only ever 2-time fighter of the week is now our only 3-time fighter of the week. Philadelphia’s own Tevin Farmer captures this weeks Fighter Of The Week for the lesson he gave to young Francisco Fonseca. The win earned him the title and also showcased his insane talent and skills. Farmer has been highly active and has now fought three times in about four months. In early August the fighter known as “American Idol” was still in desperate search for his first world title. that now seems like a lifetime ago. Farmer won the IBF 130-pound strap in Australia on August 3rd,  against Billy Dib and has since defended it twice. First in Boston, back in October against James Tennyson where he scored a fifth-round knockout, then again this past Saturday picking up a lopsided decision against the game Francisco Fonseca. Fonseca was best known for giving Tank Davis all he could handle on the biggest stage of all the final undercard bout of Mayweather/McGregor.  Fonseca hung tough but was ultimately outclassed by the Philadelphian.

It is often said that there are levels in this sport and Farmer certainly demonstrated that. Fonseca proved to be game, a tough and worthy challenger. However, Farmer proved to be levels ahead and proved to be a highly gifted defensive fighter and athlete but also was able to showcase a world class body attack, inside game and surprising pop that his 18% KO rate doesn’t necessarily catch our attention. Farmer showed-off a ferocious inside attack and a pin-point accurate uppercut. Fonseca had some moments and hung tough particularly with the straight right, Fonseca is a long- rangy fighter who kept Farmer honest, but the champ was able to find a place for his jab and his power shots over Fonseca’s low guard. Out landing the challenger by about 50 punches over the course of the night.  Farmer landed 248 of 856 or 29% compared to Fonseca who managed to land 199 of 738 total punches a 27% rate. Not only was Farmer the more active and more accurate puncher he was also surprisingly bigger puncher landing the overwhelming majority of the damaging shots. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is skysports-tevin-farmer-farmer_4520462.jpg

Farmer has made a legit run at fighter of the year, and if there was a Heisman Style voting or MVP style voting he would probably end up in second place behind only Oleksandr Usyk. Farmer is quickly replacing the aging and fading Danny Garcia as the face of Philly boxing. He has stayed insanely active as he has thrown caution to the wind and completely disregarded the American stereotype of championship caliber fighters fighting only twice a year. Farmer has fought three times since Tank Davis last fought. The Davis fight is the logical next step assuming Davis gets past tough former multi-division champ Aner Mares which looks likely for February. However, the highly active Farmer may take another fight in the meantime against Jono Carroll, a fight both men want and would be a great headliner in either Philly or New York and scheduling it for the weekend of St Patrick’s day would make it an event as Carroll is a native of Dublin, Ireland. 

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