Oohwee! Kurtiss Colvin: One Last Shot!

Kurtiss Colvin has gone from stand out amateur to hotshot prospect to the victim of one of the worst robberies in the corrupt history of boxing to ex-boxer turned entrepreneur back to boxer, who is looking to jump to legitimate title contender. Its been a fascinating journey for the Austin, Texas native with the unforgettable nickname, a nickname that was given to him by one of the legends of the sport. Colvin seems at peace and content with where he is in life and with his professional career but the fire still burns to become a world champion. Mr. Ooohwee, who was given that nickname by one of the all-time legends of the sport, is now 32-years-old and acknowledges this is his lost shot.

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 Colvin will step into the ring  Friday night at the  Arabia Shrine Auditorium to take on the upstart and unbeaten prospect Eddie Ortiz. Ortiz last fought in July and took apart the mostly unknown Giovanni Loya, he wasn’t unknown to Colvin, however, as Loya served as a sparring partner to Colvin in the past. The bout was on the undercard of Colvin’s homecoming destruction of rugged veteran Raul Casarez. Ortiz has talked about this being a “big fight” and a “dream come true” and that he “wants to fight the best and Colvin has been really successful” Colvin said that he was unaware of Ortiz and hadn’t really heard of him before and went on to say that he was “in the position especially with the Pryor Jr fight. I wanted to call everyone out and fight everyone, now I am being the one called out, and he may think he’s ready and he may be prepared but he can’t prepare for what he is really stepping into the ring with” 

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Colvin mentioned the Pryor fight, a fight where Colvin suffered a major set back, a fight he described as “the easiest fight of my career, I beat him up both his eyes were swollen shut, I looked like I do know clean.” The fight was in Cincinnati, the hometown of Arraon Pryor Jr and of course, more importantly, the home of his father The Hawk Aaron Sr. Colvin gave Pryor a one-sided 8-round beat down, a fight hat everyone that Colvin won, everyone except for the two judges who were from Ohio. The Third judge from California had Colvin winning by a wide margin. To add insult to injury it took Colvin weeks to get paid as his check bounced twice. The event was enough to drive the Tough Texan away from the sport for 3-years. Saying I was so butt-hurt I didn’t step into the ring for two and  a half years, I train all that time put in all the hard work, and put my life on the line…. to get screwed like that, Nah I don’t got time for that I am not doing that.” Colvin added  “Look I’m ok with losing if you beat me, you beat me. DonYil Livingston beat me. Fine, but I didn’t lose to Pryor they took it from.” 

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Colvin left the ring for almost three years, but unlike so many other professional fighters and athletes, Colvin didn’t blow the money he had made. He is a homeowner and a  business owner. He started a screen printing company named Kurtz Shirts, he opened a gym in the Austin area and is a boxing coach. More importantly, he became a father again, for the third time. Life was good for Colvin in the absence of boxing when he was summoned back into the ring to give in one last shot. Colvin looking back on the 2009 US national team that he was a part of, that also featured the likes of Errol Spence, Luis Aries, and Terrell Gausha and said “That was supposed to be me I was supposed to be the and the Pryor fight was supposed to be what lifted me to stardom” 

Colvin returned to the ring in late 2016, and stayed active through 2018, fighting for the fourth time this year and is ok with where his career is going. He is opened to fighting anyone, we threw around a couple of names, such as Luis Arias, who he said was the last person to beat him as an amateur, Gabe Rosado who he said was really good, “three times better than everyone thinks he is” and Erislandy Lara who he knows fro this time in Houston, saying “it would be a boring fight” and “doubts Lara will move up to middleweight” as has been discussed but is open to the fight. Oohwee said he would fight any of those guys if the money was right, still sporting the confidence that he had as a young, hot shot prospect, he also still poses the skill, he’s a super athletic 6’1 middleweight who is long and rangy with excellent hand speed and above average pop. Colvin said the only difference is he is ” more intellectual now. If you do this I’ll do that if you do that I will do that. What use to be vague it a lot more clear.  I’m 32, I’m the old guy, but I’m still young and feel great.”

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