We Didn’t Need A Draw To Get The Rematch

There seems to be a reoccurring trend in these mega fights just let’s score it a draw and do it again. We saw this with Canelo/GGG and we saw it again this past weekend in LA with the atrocious decision that was Wilder/Fury. I am not screaming conspiracy or crying corruption, but this is boxing. There’s no way Wilder won five rounds that he would have needed to win combined with the two 10-8 rounds to earn the draw. Fury won every moment of the bout, well every moment except for two. But, he made it to the final bell (somehow) and clearly won most of the rounds thus deserved the W and the WBC title, everybody knows that. However, it seems like the rematch will be made and announced in the relatively near future and perhaps we will have a chance to get it right, maybe Wilder will even score the KO? Who knows? Anything can happen in the heavyweight division, that power can come at any time.

Image result for fury vs wilder

On Friday, November 13, 1992, I was barely nine years old and I fell in love with boxing. That was the night that Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe went to war for the lineal heavyweight championship of the world and produced one of the greatest heavyweight fights in history. It was a fight that demanded a rematch not because it ended in a draw. It didn’t that right man got the decision it demanded a rematch because of the incredible action that it produced. Holyfield was about out on his feet in the 10th and rallied all the way back and had there been a few seconds left in the legendary round he may have stopped the massive challenger. It was a great all-action war that Bowe won and was rightfully awarded the decision, and despite the loss, Holyfield who was outweighed by over 30 pounds and gave up several inches fought like crazy and almost chopped the massive tree down. Despite the loss, Holyfield gained more fans casual and hardcore alike because of his valiant effort that fact that his “0” was gone was irrelevant fans wanted to see him again and were willing to pay to see him. The parallels to Wilder/Fury fight are stunning. If the right decision was handed in Wilder would have lost his belt valiantly lost his “0” but won over the fans for producing the round of the year (the 12th) possibly the fight of the year and would have garnered more fans in the loss than the completely bogus draw and would be a part of the most anticipated fight of 2019. Fury/Wilder 2!

Ceratin fights are so close that a draw is a fitting end (Pacquiao/Marquez 1), other fights are so close that regardless of who gets the nod it’s going to garner a lot of controversy and debate regardless of who got the official nod (Morales vs Antonio Barrera I). Wilder/Fury wasn’t either of these. Fury won nine rounds easy and this fight was no closer than 115-111. However, the fight on Saturday required a rematch organically just like those other these matchups called for a rematch. Wilder and Fury gave us a great heavyweight fight that showed amazing heart by both fighters first by Wilder, knowing he had lost nearly every round and having been outboxed badly knowing he had to go for broke, did just that and nearly caught lighting in a bottle, but somehow Fury rose from the dead and beat the count, yes beat the count got to his feet and rallied and was able to stagger Wilder late in the round. A fight of this magnitude and that type of drama doesn’t need a completely ridiculous bogus draw to garner interest in a rematch, Wilder’s reputation would not have been harmed by the rightful “L” he deserved but his reputation would have risen as he showed he like Holyfield is indeed the real deal despite the loss and a rematch still would have been logical as the fight was that intriguing. A decision like this is no good for boxing and doesn’t help Wilder, yes his fanboys are happy that he doesn’t have an “L” officially, but the rest of the boxing world leaves with a bad taste in their mouth and are less likely to buy the rematch.

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