Fighter Of The Week: Tyson Fury

There are certain decisions that are technically scored a draw but in the minds of fight fans throughout the world, a mental note is made that the draw is completely bogus and in the minds of fight fans everywhere the fight is rewarded to the man who really won the fight. Need examples? Sure! Lewis/Holyfield I Hearns/Leonard II and of course Whitaker/Chavez. Ask any fight fan, who won those fights? They will tell you, Lewis, Hearns, and Pea won those fights, there was no draw! End of discussion. We have another fight to add to the list Tyson Fury won no less than nine rounds maybe 10. Sure the two rounds he lost. he lost them 10-8 and the fifth round was a toss-up round it was actually the only toss-up round. This was an easy fight to score. Wilder won the 12th and 9th 10-8 the fifth was a 50/50 toss up and Fury Won everything else. EVERYTHING!! The only acceptable scores are 115-111 or 116-110 Tyson Fury. Fury beat Deontay Wilder and for the win may not have gotten the WBC belt but will join Tevin Farmer as our only two-time Fighter Of The Week award winner.

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The opinion of almost everyone in the American boxing community was that Tyson Fury would box well, win rounds and as soon as Wilder landed cleanly it was night-night and all over for the Gypsy King. There was no way he could stand up to and last all 12 rounds and avoid the incredible power of Deontay Wilder. Well, Fury played his part and dominated, and outboxed the WBC champion. Sticking the jab and moving out of the way. His herky-jerky movements caused Wilder to constantly do one of two things, miss wildly or force him to keep his hands in his pocket. Fury even rocked him a few times first with a lead left hook and then again with a 1-2 combination. Wilder’s first moment came in the ninth when he landed a right hand that dropped Fury, however Fury got back up rallied to close the round out and won 10 and 11. Which set up a desperate Wilder in the 12th who landed a perfect right hand-left hook two- piece that dropped the lineal champ. Looking like there was no chance he was going to get up before the ten count was over or maybe ever again. The lights popped back on for Fury and go up at the count of nine regained his legs and traded with the Bronze Bomber for the duration of the round proving he could stand up to the awesome power of Deontay Wilder and pulling the massive upset.

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Fury said to Piers Morgan that history won’t remember the controversy only that it was a draw. Ask Lennox, Tommy, and Pernell and they can testify that you are actually wrong about that. No one in their right minds can reasonably and honestly tll you that Fury did not win that fight. He clearly won the fight, which is why Wilder fans were so excited with the draw. Tyson Fury came back to the ring after a nearly 3 year lay off took two tune-up fights against third and fourth tier fighters and then stepped up and BEAT the self-proclaimed badest man on the planet and the WBC heavyweight champion for that reason the Gypsy King is 3DBoxing’s Fighter Of The Week.

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