Don’t Blame Bud

There has been quite a bit of blowback when the rumors of Terence Crawford next opponent surfaced. Former WBA welterweight champ, Luis Collazo. Collazo lost his last title shot against Keith Thurman in July of 2015, and despite picking up two quality wins has been highly inactive during the last 3.5 years. Collazo remains somewhere between a top 10-15 welterweight, who is highly skilled and experienced. He has been in the ring with everyone and is always a tough customer. We don’t object to the Crawford/Collazo fight for two reasons. A) Collazo is a tough customer, no one would object to names like Devon Alexander or Andre Berto (who took a very controversial over Collazo in 2009) or someone of that stature. Collazzo is in that mix. When Danny Garcia fought Brandon Rios and now Adrian Granados, everyone was fine with it. Same for Spence when he fought Peterson! Ditto for Thurman’s defense against Josesito Lopez. Are any of those guys, Rios, Granados, Peterson, Lopez better than Collazo? No! absolutely not! Collazo is probably better than all of them. And B) Collazo is the best welterweight available. Just like when Spence had to settle for Lamont Peterson, we couldn’t complain because every other top 147-pounder was busy. Which welterweight that doesn’t have a fight scheduled did you want Bud to fight? The answer is there are none who are better than Collazo. Collazo is a native New Yorker and a Puerto Rican with a good following in NYC! He’s a proven commodity Crawford/Collazo at the Garden makes economic sense.

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Then this news was released! Danny Garcia turned down a $3 Million offer to fight Crawford. Swift is coming off a loss and is fighting Adrian Granados for far less money. He fought Rios for $1.2 million and he fought in a unification bout as a world champion against Keith Thurman for $2 million. So think about that. When Garcia was on top and had plenty of options he fought Thurman for $2mill, or 50% less than he was guaranteed to fight Bud!! That’s when Swift had options, he doesn’t have options anymore, and he still refused to fight Bud. That’s how bad he doesn’t want to fight Bud. Garcia fought Porter for $1.2 million and is now fighting Granados for probably less. So that’s $3 mill Top Rank offered him for a Crawford PPV event is more than he is made in his last two fights combined! Plus a chance to become champion again and he still turned that all down to take a cherry against Adrian Granados for a fraction of the money. That’s how bad Swift wants to avoid fighting Bud!

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It is going to be extraordinarily tough for Crawford to get a high profile fight against one of the top Al Haymon PBC fighters. That’s Spence, Porter, Thurman, Pacquiao, Garcia. There’s a clear path for Al Haymon and the PBC welterweights. In 2019 they are all taking “gimmies” at the top of the year. Thurman and Porter if they both win will meet up at the end of the year. Pacquiao, if he wins, will face Errol Spence and Danny Garcia will face off with Omar Figueroa should they both win. You can pretty much book it. Errol Spence told Crawford at their little face to face backstage at the Hooker/Saucedo fight, that he was going to clean up his side of the fence first and that he would rather go the easy root (Shawn Porter) and that TBud’s name wasn’t even mentioned in meetings. Terence Crawford in a unification fight will not happen in 2019. Not against Spence and not against any of the top PBC welterweights. Crawford will fight Collazo in March then he will come back around and fight Egidijus Kavaliauskas.

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The near certainty that Bud will not fight any of the other top five welterweights because of the promotional differences/politics of boxing may be a harsh reality to fight fans, but it’s a reality none the less. None of this is Crawfords fault, he may be able to get Arum to negotiate with Eddie Hearn and got somebody like a Kell Brook or Amir Khan, depending who wins that fight and he could make a pretty good payday if he wants to travel over to the UK and do that. But thats not an intriguing fight at this point. Maybe a Jessie Vargas fight can be made with Hearn also, although that seems unlikely and a one-sided mismatch, (come on Collazo would destroy Jessie) as Jessie just fought Dulorme to a draw, and Crawford disposed of Dulorme relatively easily in Dallas back in 2015. So Bud against a top welterweight isnt gonig to happen and this time it’s not because Bob Arum is keeping the money in the Bob Arum circle which we have grown so accustom to over the last 40 or 50 years, Its because Al Haymon is keeping the PBC money in the PBC circle and it’s not Bud’s fault at all.

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