Getting Tank On The Right Path

18-months ago Gervonta “Tank” Davis was considered boxing’s next biggest star! The heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather’s throne. A uniquely talented southpaw with a rare combination of power, speed, reflexes, and defensive skills combined with that killer instinct, like a rabid dog on fear jumping on its prey. Coming off of his first title defense against an unbeaten British prospect called Liam Walsh, an absolute beatdown in just three rounds, a title he won from Jose Pedraza in equally as destructive fashion. Yes, Tank has it all!  There was nothing not to like about Tank… And then everything seemed to hit a snag and on the worlds biggest stage.  August 26th the Mayweather/McGregor undercard, Tank Gave up his IBF strap on the scales by missing weight badly. Then in front of millions and millions of viewers, Davis hopped in the ring against what was supposed to be a showcase fight against an unknown opponent. The fight turned out to be anything but. Unheard of Francisco Fonseca was giving Davis all he could handle and making the mega-prospect look completely ordinary and perhaps was up on the cards. When in the 8th round Tank hit the game Costa Rican on what appeared to be clearly the back of the head, sending him down and out giving Tank the eighth round KO. He won the fight, but lost his title and lost his luster and his belt. Things went from bad to worse as he hit the longest period of inactivity of his career and then get arrested as well. The critics jumped on Tank as Tank jumps on a wounded opponent calling him a bust, a head job and even the dreaded  “The Next Adrien Broner” and that’s not loving to say about anyone.

Gervonta Davis has not yet turned 24-years-old he has not yet entered his prime. That’s a scary thought for everyone at 130 -135 pounds. His come back win in April was a destructive dominate third round blow out over former champ Jesus Cuellar, reminded us just how good Tank is and just how special his gifts are. This should have put him back on the fast track to superstardom and dominance in the 130 & 135-pound divisions.  Instead, Tank has taken another prolonged lay off, has gotten in trouble a few more times, on the Porter/Garcia card in Brooklyn he got into a drunken feud with an annoying fan, knocking his I-phone out of his hand, looked noticeably drunk, fat and out of shape. Then just a few weeks later was arrested yet again for another physical altercation in Washington DC. Davis clearly likes to fight, whether it is in or out of the ring, the kid likes to fight, how about we get him in the ring at 23 with his issues outside of the ring, he needs to be kept busy and motivated. This seems like a promotional issue?
davis-cuellar-fight (1)
Davis is promoted by Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions. Floyd Mayweather is not a great promoter. He is a once in a generation uniquely skilled fighter who was the best fighter of his era who was able to promote himself better than any athlete who’s ever lived and make himself unimaginable sums of money. That being said he isn’t good at promoting his fighter. His two biggest names Tank, and Badou Jack, are highly inactive and Floyd talks more about himself then hthe is men he represents. He has feuded with many of his fighters including Tank his cash cow. A top-notch athlete transitioning over to other areas of the sport after his retirement rarely works out well.  Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas are probably the two greatest point guards who have ever lived, they have won countless NBA titles and a range of accolades, they both failed as head coaches, really badly I might add, and Isiah Thomas is still deeply despised by NY Knicks fans for how bad he messed that franchise as the head coach and GM. Barry Bonds, and Mark McGwire had similar success, or lack thereof, as hitting coaches in Major League Baseball, the two greatest home run hitters maybe ever both failed miserably as hitting coaches weird right? This is a reoccurring trend just because you were unbelievably great at something, just like these guys were, that doesn’t mean you can lead others to greatness. I think that’s what we are seeing with Mayweather and Davis.
 3DBoxing has been hypercritical of Eddie Hearn but, Tank is just 23, he needs a new start. He needs a promoter or a game plan that will keep him in the ring and active away from trouble. Eddie Hearn is tough to take, to say the least, but he keeps his fighters busy and he has a potential grudge match with Tevin Farmer available to him. Hearn says that he has reached out to Davis and Mayweather promotions, but Floyd seems content with keeping his man on the sidelines. The fiasco where Davis gave his belt up on the scale and gave a lackluster performance was 15-months ago. Davis has fought just once since he has been arrested more often that he has gotten in the ring. He has an upcoming fight in heavy rumors for February against three-division former world champ Abner Mares. A Mares win is a nice scalp to hang above his fireplace, but it’s not the fight that’s going to turn him into a crossover superstar. Currently, at 130 and 135 there are plenty of names that can elevate him to that level. 135 has showdowns with Mikey Garcia and Lomachenko. At 130  there are quality names like Tevin Farmer and Miguel Berchelt. Garry Russell Jr and Leo Santa Cruz have also discussed jumping up to 130. If there’s truth to that then Tank should keep his options open and look to deal strictly with Al Haymon but he needs to ditch Floyd and his fight one time per year plan.

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