Max & Jim the HBO Cheerleaders Embarrass Themselves Again

Future Hall Of Famer Donnie Nietes and up and coming prospect Aston Palicte put on a competitive back and forth battle for the vacant WBO 115-pound title. The title remains vacant after the very competitive 50/50 type of fight was declared a draw. 3DBoxing scored the fight 115-113 in favor of Palicte. There were lot’s of toss-up rounds that could have gone either which way, and they did all three judges saw the fight drastically different Robert Hoyle scored it 116-112 in favor of Palicte, Daniel Sandoval scored it 118-110 the other way and Max DeLuca had it even 114-114. The only scorecard that appears wrong is Sandoval’s. The fight could have realistically been scored eight rounds to four in either direction. The contest was a constant conflict of styles. Palicte was busy and worked well from range, especially in the first seven rounds, worked well from the outside landing right hands to the head of Nietes and right hands to his body. He was able to punch through the high guard of Nietes. The veteran and Filipino Legend Nietes had success on the inside and had more than a few moments with the left hook landing the cleaner more effective shots on the inside and making the youngster over and over again. An entering conflict in styles for sure.


However, you would have never known you missed a good even entertaining scrap from HBO’s atrocious commentary. Such fanboy rooting hasn’t been seen on a nationally televised broadcast since well Jim Lampley and Manny Pacquiao called the fight between their hero Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley in their first fight back in 2012. Lampley and Kellerman were on fire with their love of Nietes, Comparing him to Floyd Mayweather, Vasyl Lomachenko, Pernell Whitaker and James Toney. At one point early in the fight, Jim screamed out that “Nietes lands a big shot and gets out of the way so he can’t be hit” While Palicte landed two consecutive right hands. Ward had to interrupt the Nietes love affair and inform the cheerleaders that Palicte also landed a big shot to which Old Lamps responded angrily with an “OK” as to say why are you interrupting our narrative with you facts Andre!!!! In the 8th round, Max declared that Nietes was clearly winning, really? I had it 5-2, Nietes worn rounds late to rally back!!! If you had Nietes up through the first seven rounds, that’s understandable but there was absolutely nothing clear about it. Palicte was throwing through the guard of Nietes, outworking the former three-division champ in every round ripping right-hands to the body and controlling the tempo of the fight making Nietes fight Palicte’s fight, which Nietes did with some success. But you would know none of this. You would only have heard of the wonderful things Nietes did and he certainly had plenty of moments and scoring the fight for him is certainly reasonable.

Dannie Nietes has had a hall of fame career, a 14-year winning streak, a master boxer who has grabbed belts in three different weight classes. He
s 36-years old and now Jim and Max are his biggest fanboys? Where did this come from? Why Donnie Nietes fanboys? Well HBO is making an investment, a cheap investment they think you will watch. Nietes has a fanbase he has a hall of fame resume, they never heard of Palicte, despite his last fight he destroyed a former world titlest on a nationally televised card on BeIn Sports and he is promoted by Roy Jones Jr an HBO employee who works with Max and Jim but I supposed that didn’t lead them to watch Palicte fight. They had a narrative that Nietes was going to school the younger, taller, bigger, nobody, when that didn’t happen well no worries we will just ignore the in-ring action and tell you how great Nietes is. Nietes represents a name that can headline a Superfly 4 card, HBO has basically gotten out of the sweet science besides Canelo, GGG, and superFly. Why SuperFly? Because you can build someones star relatively inexpensively, you don’t have to pay Super flyweights the same money that you pay Welterweights or Heavyweights. They aren’t American typically, so they have local television rights in their home countries and they don’t demand seven-figure paydays. So HBO has bet you will watch SuperFly because the fights are fairly entertaining and “eeh you’re a hardcore and you will watch it regardless and you will keep your HBO subscription because we gave you some boxing” and they can do this on the cheap.

nietes-palicteb (1)
HBO has become an utter embarrassment, Jim and Max are almost impossible to listen to. Their cheerleading for Manny Pacquiao was annoying but understandable, Manny was the franchise, a massive PPV star. But, now fanboying for Donnie Nietes? Just like HBO tried to make you believe Chocolatito was the #1 P4P fighter in the world, which he wasn’t, he got his WAY too much for that, they were trying to sell you that same dream on Nietes and the fact that he isn’t at that level anymore, wasn’t going to discourage HBO from selling their propaganda. We also don’t have to listen to HBO anymore to get the best boxing. Showtime owns that in the US and ESPN is next on the list. Now DAZN is going to have excellent boxing coverage. Its hard to believe boxing fans don’t really need HBO anymore. But, they do not as HBO is largely irrelevant. Matthysse Vs Kiram and SuperFly 3? I can live without that. In all honesty, Facebook gives us better boxing then HBO and Mario Lopez and the Golden Boy on Facebook crew ain’t biased.

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