Fighter Of The Week: Neeco Macias

In a relatively quiet week in the hurt business, there was one guy that made plenty of noise. Undefeated Jr. Middleweight Neeco Macias prospect became a fan favorite and ran his record to 17-0 (10) by stopping formerly unbeaten Marvin Cabrera a somewhat highly regarded prospect in the sixth round. Macias put on an energizer bunny type performance, firing more than 100 punches per round, throwing nearly twice that many in rounds three and four, 196 punches in Round 3, followed by 199 punches in Round 4.


Macias the hometown fighter who hails from nearby Lancaster was clearly the aggressor from round one on never tapping the breaks or slowing down. Macia walked Cabrera down and into the ropes through, where he threw an abundance of punches. Not every punch landed, but Cabrera was forced to fight defensively. His punch output and aggression did not stop it actually got stronger the longer the fight went on as Cabrera began to pick up the pace in the fourth, Macias picked up his work rate and made Caberara pay for his new found aggression. Sensing the end was within reach the unbeaten California native had his best round in the sixth, punishing Cabrera against the ropes over and over again. Cabrera was staggered as the round ended prompting referee Ray Coronato to look on but not quite stepping in to stop the fight leaving the official responsibility to stop the fight to Cabrera’s cornermen, who did indeed stop the fight following round 6. Giving Macias a sixth-round TKO victory.

In the clash of unbeaten of unbeaten junior middleweights, Neeco Macias handed in a fan-friendly television performance that will definitely earn him more television appearances and larger payday. It was the second time Macias took an up and coming prospect back in 2016 he takes Rolando Garza’s “0”. While the jury is still out on just how high the star of Macias will rise there is one thing that fights fans can agree on one thing and that is we fight fans want to see Neeco Macias again we want to see him in another step fight and see if his relentless non-stop style will translate against a higher level of competition.

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