Fighter Of The Week” Kendo “Tremendo” Castaneda

The Roy Jones Jr Promotions and BeIn sports marriage have been a match made in heaven for hardcore boxing fans. We have gotten a chance to watch top-tier contenders such as Josh Greer Jr, Ray Ximenez, Ashton Palicte, Randy Ochoa and Max Ornelas who was on display in the main event. However once in a while, a prospect comes along that screams not only future champ but also future star and future fan favorite. We witnessed that on the Co-main event the nationally televised card from the Red Rock in Las Vegas this past Friday. Roy Jones Jr Promotions and BeIn sports delivered a home run in lightweight prospect Kendo “Tremendo” Castaneda.


Texas is perhaps the hottest region in the country for young fighters, and Castaneda proved to be another blue-chip prospect out of the Lone Star State. The San Antonio prospect took on rugged veteran Jesus Gutierrez, a step up that was meant to be used as a barometer to measure Castaneda. Did the young Texan ever measure up. Castaneda displayed a tremendous jab which he fired from both the conventional and southpaw stances and an ability to fire a left hook off of his jab from the orthodox stance that would land sharp and clean on the button at will. A double hook off the jab near the end of the first round dumped Gutierrez.

Image result for Kendo Castaneda drops Gutierrez

There was nothing not to like about Castaneda from a technical offensive standpoint or from a viewers standpoint. Tremendo showed an excellent ability to jab and control the tempo of the fight has sufficient hand speed and sports an excellent body attack. He was able to outbox Gutierrez from the outside and control the veteran with the jab and land quick body shots from the range any utilize his reach and height advantage. He also embarrassed his Mexican-American heritage and would grit down and outwork Gutierrez on the inside, beating him in his own fight, out-landing him and landing beautifully placed body shots with both hands.

It’s far too premature to compare this 24-year old prospect to the legendary Hall of Famer Erik Morales, however, the comparison in style is inevitable. Castaneda put on a dazzling performance that is sure to earn him another television date in the near future against perhaps a more dangerous opponent and perhaps the young prospect needs to not engage in as many exchanges on the inside ow. Tremendo’s ability to jab from the outside from both stances control the ring fire off quick combinations with a snap with his innate willingness to exchange on the inside and work the body with tremendous success on when he does get to on the inside. Spells not only future world champion but his fan-friendly style also spells future TV rating super-star.

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