Fight Doc: Spence/Ocampo

Errol Spence Jr Vs Carlos Ocampo
International Boxing Federation World Welterweight Title
The Star, Frisco, Texas


Errol Spence is making the second defense of his IBF 147 pound strap, that he won just over a year ago in the UK against Kell Brook. The Truth won that fight via 11th round TKO in comeback fashion and then defended it successfully against Peterson in dominating fashion via 7th round TKO. Spence is currently ranked #10 on the 3DBoxing P4P list and is shooting up even higher on many other lists. The tough Texan has become one of if not the most avoided fighters in the sport and has sent Keith Thurman shaking into an indefinite hiatus.


Spence is on a 10 fight knockout streak and coming on the heels of the masterpiece that Bud Crawford put together last week. “EJ” will have to put together an excellent performance to keep pace as the fight world awaits a Spence/Crawford unification bout hopefully by Q4 of this year. Spence’s opposition is being called into question, however, as we saw with GGG if you dont make your defenses you will be stripped by the IBF and rightfully so. So enter mandatory challenger, unknown, Carlos Ocampo. At the young age of just 22 Ocampo, despite being mainly unknown to even the hardest of hard cores actually has a few decent wins to his credit. He is 22-0 (13) with wins over Jorge Paez Jr, Charlie Navarro, and Daniel Echeverria. A better than a decent resume for a 22-year-old prospect, but certainly nothing that will prepare him for the ferociousness and relentlessness that is Errol Spence.


Ocampo has not been on American TV, as far as we are aware and the American fight fan may be completely unaware of the Baja California native. If you aren’t familiar Ocampo possesses good size, he won’t be the smaller than the IBF champ Spence, who is a massively big welterweight. Ocampo has a good skill set, he has a quick jab and throws nice combinations. He can fight coming forward and off the back foot. He doesn’t seem to be heavy-handed but is physically strong and will be able to tie up Spence when Spence is on the inside. He will box if not evenly the first few rounds, he will at least make it respectable. Ocampo is a bit inactive at times at least more inactive then he should be and he also telegraphs some of his shots especially with the right hand to the body. This will be his undoing. Ocampo will do a decent job of keeping Spence at bay and tying him up on the inside especially early, certainly not winning rounds by hanging tough for sure and making the champ earn his keep, as we enter the fifth round Spence has the Mexican challenger’s timing down and is able to get to his body and beat him up on the inside. There’s a major momentum shift in the fifth as Ocampo slows down and Spence has clearly worn him down and beating him. There is more of the same in the sixth and Ocampo is dropped for the first time with a double right hook that Spence lands on the button that sends the tough challenger to the floor. Ocampo gets to his feet and survives the round, just barely as Spence smells blood. At the end of the sixth, the doctor and referee are in the corner of the challenger and agree to let him go out there for one more. The end comes quickly as Spence comes out super aggressive for the seventh round landing a thudding jab and straight left that drops the beaten Mexican to the floor once again and the fight is immediately waived off as Laurence Cole gets it right this time.

Official predictions
Spence TKO 7

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