The IBF Keeps Getting It Right

The IBF has stripped Gennady Golovkin of his 160-pound strap. They had given him 90 days from May 5th to fight mandatory challenger Sergiy Derevyanchenko. They didn’t sanction his Cinco de Mayo fight with Vanes Martirosyan but didn’t strip him either. Under the circumstance that he agreed to meet Derevyanchenko within 90 days. GGG failed to make the fight and the IBF did all the only thing they could do. Strip GGG of the belt. The IBF is sending a message loud and clear we are going to legitimately run our organization and rank the most accomplished fighters in the division in the correct order, give the champion a reasonable amount of time to make his mandatories and allow his voluntary defenses so long as there is a plan to fight the mandatory. If you dont meet your mandatory requirements then we are taking your belt, you cannot represent our organization as world champion without meeting your requirements.

We called the IBF today, the mandatory Sergiy Derevyanchenko will fight for the vacant title. There is no #2 ranked opponent as of their last ratings. Speaking with an IBF PR person I was told they “will just go down the list” to the #3 ranked opponent who at this time is Daniel Jacobs. However “the June rankings are not out yet and whoever is the highest ranked on the list will get the shot at the vacant title.” If that remains the same as last month it will be #3 ranked Daniel Jacobs who will have the first right of refusal. If he refuses and remember “Team Jacobs” is negotiating with Canelo,  so that is possible. Plus both fighters are trained by Andre Rozier so that could add to the confusion of that fight. So, if the fight does not get made the IBF will just go down the list. The #4 ranked fighter is currently Jermall Charlo and #5 is Demetrius Andrade. So they will present the opportunity to Jacobs and work their way down if he refuses. Derevyanchenko is confirmed and Derevyanchenko Vs Jacobs would be the first option for the vacant IBF belt. As long as the June ratings are unchanged.

The IBF’s
1. Sergiy Derevyanchenko
3.Daniel Jacobs
4. Jermall Charlo
5. Demetrius Andrade

Those rankings are about right! There is no one that is demonstrably out of place, which is often the case with the alphabet organizations. Mauricio Sulaiman of the WBC also said that if GGG doesn’t fight Canelo next then he has to face their mandatory challenger, Jermall Charlo or face being stripped. We know he isn’t facing Canelo next, he demanded too much money and Oscar De La Hoya said they are moving on. They are talking to Jacobs currently, if Jacobs ops to fight for the IBF instead they have Spike O’Sullivan waiting on reserve. Let’s see when GGG doesn’t fight Canelo or Charlo next if the WBC strip him? Dollars to donuts they dont.


The IBF’s reputation was seriously damaged back in 1999 when the president and founder, Robert Lee, resigned upon being convicted on six different charges. The 66-year-old Lee was guilty of taking $338,000 in bribes from promoters Bob Arum, Cedric Kushner and Dino Duva to fix rankings and sanction fights. In addition, was found guilty of tax evasion, money laundering and interstate travel in aid of racketeering. The organization was under federal observation from Lee’s conviction through September 2004. Not a great look for the sport as a whole and especially a bad look for the IBF. Hiawatha Knight became the first woman president of any of the world’s governing boxing bodies when she temporarily replaced Lee. Then In 2001, Marian Muhammad followed her as president. Muhammad was replaced by current IBF president Daryl Peoples.


Since then the IBF has fought back to improve its credibility and reputation and it has been a model organization. Boxing is often criticized for not having a definitive governing body like other sports, such as the NBA, NFL, MLB or PGA etc. If the other organizations followed the IBF’s lead boxing would be in much better shape. Consider the WBA and their world Champions, super champions and regular champions, no one can keep track of this. For example of how bogus they are, is Lucas Matthysse and Naoya Inoue world champions? no one really knows. The WBO is so in the back pocket of Bob Arum,  that really only his fighters get a crack at the WBO straps or at least Top Rank Fighters get first right of refusal. Crawford has never fought at 147 but is somehow the WBO’s #1 ranked opponent, how? He has literally accomplished nothing at the weight.


Why is Errol Spence fighting Carlos Ocampo? Because he is the mandatory and like any good champion he wants to keep his belt and like any good governing organization the IBF is making him meet his minimum mandatory requirements. The IBF is getting it right and doing their part to right their wrongs and clean up the sport of boxing, and they are knocking it out.

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