International Spotlight: Alessandro Riguccini

Unbeaten Italian sensation Alessandro Riguccini is on the verge of a world title shot. It’s been a while since the great nation of Italy sported a world champion in the sweet science. Riguuccini has real power and a world-class skill set. The Italian poses all the abilities to make a run at anyone at the top of the wide-open 140-pound division. Its been a wild ride from Italian kickboxing champion to Cuban amateur boxing protege. But, now Riguccini is on the verge of adding world titleist to his fascinating resume. I was able to sit down with the undefeated Super Lightweight for a one on one interview.


3DBoxing GK- Tell us a little about your amateur career.

AR – I first started in kickboxing I had over 100 amateur fights in kickboxing. I didn’t have my first amateur fight until I went to Cuba and I had a record of 7-3-3.

3DBoxing GK- you trained in Cuba with one of the great amateur boxers of all time, two times Olympic gold medalist Hector Vincent Charon. How do you meet up with him?

AR- I went to Cuba to learn how to box better. With kickboxing it’s 80% punching and 20% kicking. So I went to Cuba to improve my punching. When I got to Havana, I didn’t speak Spanish, but I speak Italian and the languages are close so I was able to get by with Italian, I asked for the best gym in Havana and I was sent to Hector’s gym and we started working. I lived in Cuba for 1-2 years bu tIn Cuba their visa’s only last two months so I could only stay for two months at a time. Then I would have to fly to either Mexico or back home to Italy. Hector was a great teacher, he beat fighters like Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad and Fernando Vargas in the amateurs. In Cuba, they fight every Saturday and Friday and sometimes maybe 2-3 that’s how an 18-year-old can have 2-300 amateur fights and Guillermo Rigondeaux can have like 500 fights.


3DBoxing GK – You’ve shown excellent punching power, you have a Cuban pedigree. As you have stepped up your level of competition you’ve continued to knock out your opponents. You have also fought a lot in Mexico how would you describe your style in the ring?

AR- It’s more Mexican. In Cuba, there isn’t professional so its an amateur style, they train only for three rounds. The Cuban amateur style is great for technique and training. So I have both Mexican and Cuban style and for this reason, I am undefeated.

3DBoxing GK-You’ve shown excellent power in knocking out the better competition in the early rounds, where does that power come from.

AR- Guys like Crawford, Lomachenko, and Mikey Garcia have better technique, they have been doing this all their life I only started in 2007. So I have to get by with my power which comes from my legs. I started in kickboxing and built my legs up.


3DBoxing GK – You have fought in various weight classes, loaded weight classes, lightweight, super lightweight and welterweight. What division do you want to continue to fight and who do you want to fight next?

AR- Welterweight is probably too big great champions like Keith Thurman or Danny Garcia are much bigger than me. So I would like to fight for a world title in either lightweight or super lightweight division. I feel strongest at super lightweight. I would like to fight for the WBC, the most prestigious belt, the IBF, and WBO are world titles. But I would like Mauricio Sulaiman to give me a shot to fight for the WBC, it’s the most important belt. I want the Green and Gold belt by the end of this year

3DBoxing GK- Do you want to fight in the USA, you would have a natural fan base in New York with all of the Italians, you could sell a lot of tickets.

AR- My dream is to fight in Vegas or in New York, Brooklyn or even in Texas, There’s a lot of money there (laughs) in Mexico there is a lot of money but only if you reach the level of like Marco Antonio Barrera or Erik Morales otherwise there isn’t that much money there.

3DBoxing GK- Thank you for your time and sitting down and doing the interview. Please keep me up to date with when and where you are fighting next.

AR- Thank you I will.

3DBoxing GK- Best of luck and God Bless

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