Fighter Spotlight: Alejandro “Pork Chop” Guerrero

The Lone Star State is putting out world champions at an alarming rate. The state known for putting out D1 college football players is seemingly switching its playbook to the fight game. The Charlo brothers, The Figueroa bothers, Errol Spence and Maro Barrios are just a handful of Texans who have taken the sport by storm. Get ready to add the name Alejandro “Pork Chop” Guerrero to the list of tough Texans. The Irving native,  was last seen on the undercard of Josesito Lopez and Miguel Cruz in El Paso. The hard-hitting Texan ran his record to a perfect 8-0 (6). I was able to sit down with “Pork Chop” and talk about his amateur career and what his future plans are.


3DBoxing GK- Talk to us a little about your amateur career and how you got started in boxing

AG- I started boxing at the Irving PAL, I had about 100 amateur fights and only 10 loses. I fought everyone as an amateur I fought Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia, I fought Virgil Ortiz four times. I went 2-2 against him. He was always one weight class above me. There were times where I would win a local tournament unopposed and I would say just let me move up a weight class and fight Vergil.


3DBoxing GK-Where did you get the nickname “Pork Chop” from?

AG- It started at the Irving PAL. My coach just yelled out “Hey Pork Chop” and everyone just started calling me pork chop it just stuck.


3DBoxing GK-How would you describe your style to the fans who might be unfamiliar with you? Whoever taught you how to fight did a great job you throw real clean crisp punches you’re defensively responsible and you have a bit of that Mexican style, but how would you describe your style?

AG- Thank you, it all started with my coaches at Irving PAL. But, Action I like action. I can sit back and box but I don’t like that. I like action when we are in the ring we are going to go out at it.

3DBoxing GK- In your last fight, you went the six-round distance. with Michael Gaxiola, whose record is a little misleading he has been in the ring with like nothing but undefeated fighters. You dominated the fight and won every round but for the first time, someone seemed to absorb your power and last the distance. As a big puncher does it play on your mind when someone takes your power.

AG – This is the second time I went the distance, the first time was in my second fight. If you look at his record (Gaxiola) he has been in with really good fighters, undefeated fighters and he had never been stopped. It was a tough opponent. I hit him clean and he was slick and strong and content on holding. So when I hit him clean he would just hold. It was good experience to go the distance though.



3DBoxing GK-You do have an interesting style, did you have any favorite fighters when you were a kid, someone, you wanted to emulate and fight like?.

AG- Well I am still young, I am only 20 so the fighters I really liked are still active. I am a big fan of Canelo and Tank Davis too.


3DBoxing GK is there anyone you want to fight next? Whats your plan? Do you plan to stay at 130?

AG- My manager makes those decisions. I would like to fight Vergil again, (Vergil Ortiz)We fought as amateurs and I would like to do it again.But I’ll fight anyone, I can’t go any lower than 130, but I have fought bigger guys I have fought 142 pounders and I only weighed 130. I want to fight anyone who is with a big promoter I want to fight 8 and 10 rounders.


3DBoxing GK. Thank you and God Bless

AG- You too, thank you.


One thought on “Fighter Spotlight: Alejandro “Pork Chop” Guerrero

  1. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de entrevistar y publicar a mi hijo alejandro guerrero , es un honor para nosotros …y un gusto ver la foto de mi porkchop en el google y todavia mas gusto saber que fue 3DboxingGk.

    Att. jaime guerrero .sr


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