Could Spence Really Face GGG?

With Errol Spence being avoided like the plague and a Keith Thurman unification on an indefinite pause and Gennady Golovkin without a mega fight on his schedule due to the Clenbuterol-gate. Combined that with the facts that Spence expressed interest in this fight following his dismantling of Lamont Peterson and that GGG has a history of being a weight bully and likes to fight little dudes as opposed to full blown, natural Middleweights. The sum of all of this, lead to swirling rumors of these two stepping into the ring to face each other. The fight on paper looks like a lot of fun. Two come forward aggressive boxer-punchers who like to mix it up and go for the knockout.


Spence wants to go after glory and the biggest payday of his career, he has the skills and style to be a PPV star and he is a fearless fighter who isn’t afraid of anyone. However, this sport has weight classes for a reason. If Spence was jumping up to face a pillow fisted fighter or a boxer-mover that would be one thing. But fighting a relentless 160 pounder who is both the hardest hitter in the weight class with the most cast iron chin in the biz, well that’s a really bad fight for Spence and completely unnecessary. 147 has plenty of good fights even some PPV fight that can make him a ton of money and if ” The Truth” wants to move up in weight 154 is loaded with talent and great fights. Going to middleweight isn’t just a bad decision, just ask Khan and Brook found out, it is also completely unneeded as there are plenty of fights for Spence to build a legacy and become a star at without jumping up two weight classes. Below is a list of the top five fights for Errol Spence after his June homecoming date.

Top 5 opponents for Errol Spence

  1. Terence Crawford- This was 3DBoxings dream fight for 2017 and again in 2018. If there is anyone as fearless and willing to fight as Spence it’s Terence “Bud” Crawford. Back in 2017, Spence said if TBUD wanted the fight to go get a belt. Well TBUD listened up and is challenging for Jeff Horn’s WBO and should he be successful, which everyone is suspecting he will be a WBO/IBF unification bout would be the hottest fight in the sport between two best American fighters in their absolute prime in a 50/50 scrap that would surely deliver fireworks. This would spotlight both fighters on a PPV card and the winner would be P4P #1 in the world and the new star of boxing.

maxresdefault (1)

2. Manny Pacquiao- With Pac no longer the legendary spectacle he was back 7-10 years ago, he is still a threat and still a huge draw, one of the biggest in the sport. This would be a PPV fight that could do somewhere in the neighborhood of 500K-1Million pay per view sales. If Pacquiao is successful in taking Lucas Matthysse’s WBA belt he will have established himself as a world champion in one of boxings glamour divisions. This may be viewed as a money grab and in a way it is but it would establish Spence as a PPV attraction and the new king of the division and face of the sport. Similar to the way Pacquiao become a crossover megastar in taking apart an over the hill Oscar De La Hoya.

maxresdefault (2)

3. Jarrett Hurd- This would be a massive challenge but, Spence has talked about moving up to 154. If he cant get a Thurman fight or another unification bout. This would be a huge massive challenge for Spence. Spence is a very big 147 and it looks like he could move up seamlessly to 154 and not be at a big size deficit against guys like Brook or Ali or Lara but Hurd is a different story. Hurd is perhaps the biggest Jr Middleweight I have ever seen he walks down and breaks down big 154 pounders like Trout and lifelong 154 pounders like Lara. What he could do to someone who is brand new to the division like Spence is scary. However, for as much of a threat as Hurd is, he is defensively flawed and if he leaves himself open and unguarded like he did with Trout and Lara, who are boxers movers, Spence will beat the snot out of him and punish him. This would be the most fan friendly of the fights and if Spence wants to move up to 154 this fight makes a ton of sense.


4. Kell Brook- This would be a great transition fight for Spence 154 is a hot division right now, this is a fight that can be made and that both fighters are confident they can win. Spence thinks he can win because he has already stopped Special K. Brook things he can win the fight because well he was outboxing Spence and winning round after round. Brook, thinks 154 suits him better and he will be stronger and not as drained as he was going from 160 to 147 as he did for his first fight with Spence. This is a fight that seems to be on the horizon. The first fight was very entertaining and it seems to be logical and it allows Spence to test the waters at 154 before jumping into the ring with the really big Jr Middles.


5. Amir Khan- Khan is a draw and his fights are always fun and equal big bucks for both combatants. Khan has a real easy tune-up against Phil Lo Greco scheduled for April 21. Spence tuned up Lo Greco back in 2015. Spence has a homecoming against mandatory Carlos Ocampo set for June 16th. Both Spence and Khan should easily dismantle these two opponents. Khan will want to step up later in this year and Spence wants to stay busy and fight again in Q4, so the timing of this bout works out perfectly a November or December bout in the UK or Vegas would do great ratings. Khan has never been outboxed, he is incredibly difficult to win rounds against but has a massive flaw in his game that’s a paper mache chin. Spence is relentless and will stay on a constant attack in trying to get to Khan. It’s a fight where Khan will likely win rounds while Spence is inflicting more punishment. Can Khan survive 12 rounds? Or will Spence finally get to him and lay Khan out?


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