Cleaning Up The Canelo Mess

The fight of the year has become the mess of the year. GGG often makes mention to “big drama show” well that’s exactly what the GGG/Canelo rematch is turning out to be. Just not in the ring and not in the way anyone was hoping for or expecting. Canelo tested positive for clenbuterol on two separate occasions (February 17th and 20th) and has claimed that the positive test is a result of contaminated meat. That’s what we know so far, Canelo tested positive twice and he says it is because of contaminated meat. The rest is speculation and opinion. An opinion that promoter Eddie Hearn elegantly expressed when he said “The truth is that we’ll probably never know [if Canelo’s failed test was a result of tainted meat]. You have to make your own decisions and judgments, which is sometimes dangerous. Was he cheating? Was he unlucky? Either way, his reputation is tarnished forever because it doesn’t matter — you fail a drug test, you fail a drug test… You look at his physique on the scales for the last Golovkin fight, everyone is already suspicious, and ever more so now. If he’s been unlucky then I feel terrible for him because maybe he is innocent. We will never know. What I will say is that it’s terrible for boxing that possibly, or the biggest superstar in the sport has failed a drug test. I think that the only way you’re gonna catch drug cheats is by random testing, and the WBA and WBC do a good job on that.”


The Nevada State Athletic Commission temporarily suspended Canelo Alvarez because of the two positive tests. on April 10 Alvarez will be required to appear at a commission hearing either in person or by phone to discuss his side of the issue. This is basically a de facto court hearing for Canelo, he will present his case and there will be a ruling rendered. That’s less than a month before he is to challenge Golovkin who has insisted he is fighting on May 5th regardless of the hearing. That would mean if Canelo’s suspension is upheld that Govokin would have to find a new opponent on three weeks notice. A challenger would have to take the biggest fight of his career against the top middleweight in the world on real short notice. That isn’t going to happen. The middleweight title fight between GGG and Canelo is going on May 5th at the T-Mobile Arena. Period! Let’s stop the charades. There is way too much money to be made by all parties to cancel this fight. Having a Mexican icon who happens to be the biggest draw in the sport fight GGG on Cinco de Mayo is a financial home run for everyone. Its a dream come true and it’s going to come true. The NSAC is going through the motions to make this look like its a real thing. It’s not, the chance of Canelo’s suspension being upheld on April the 10th is zero, it is zero percent. Sending the message loud and clear if you are a mega fighter in a mega fight you can take a banned substance with impunity.


The argument of if Alvarez took the “clen” on purpose or via contaminated meat is irrelevant. The substance is banned period! It’s banned because it gives the fighter an unfair advantage, it is a performance enhancer. So whether you consumed the clenbuterol via a steak or by taking pills makes no difference he still has an unfair advantage. If you got pulled over driving erratically and the cop administers a breathalyzer and you fail the test! Twice! He still can’t morally let you drive home. Let’s say you convinced the cop that it wasn’t your fault and someone spiked the punch and as ridiculous as that is, let’s suppose the cop believes it. Fine, maybe he doesn’t arrest you but morally he can’t let you drive home. You are still a danger to everyone else on the road. That’s exactly what we have here with Canelo, even if he did ingest the clenbuterol by “accident” he is still a danger to his opponent in the ring because of what he took. Morally the fight cant go on.


As far Canelo’s argument that he ingested the drug via contaminated meat. In addition to being used as a weight loss drug, Clenbuterol has many other performances enhancing uses. “Clen” is extremely popular in the world of bodybuilding and is the “go-to” cutting drug for many athletes and performers. It’s used by bodybuilders and celebrities looking to cut weight quickly alike. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Victoria Beckham all have used the drug or a variant of the drug to cut weight in a hurry. In addition to allowing you to cut weight and maintain lean muscle it also opens up your lungs and allows you to breathe easier and effortlessly. Clenbuterol improves the flow of oxygen into the lungs. It is used by people with chronic respiratory disorders to help them breathe better. It improves the body’s ability to breathe and assimilate oxygen efficiently. Its also what is known as a thermogenic drug, which means it acts as a stimulant improving the ability of the central nervous system to function more efficiently and metabolizes fat much more efficiently without increasing the body’s basal metabolic rate. Bottom line with “clen” it is effective at opening airways.The drug’s stimulant qualities boost energy levels and increase the body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently.


Canelo tested positive twice for a drug that burns fat, while maintaining lean muscle mass, open up airways and increases energy and stamina. So basically a drug that is tailor-made for a bigger middleweight looking to cut weight quickly while maintaining muscle and increases energy for a fighter who has had major issues with his gas tank in the past. Canelo’s claim is I accidentally ate meat that was contaminated with a drug that appears to be custom made for my needs. That’s either the craziest coincidence in the history of the world or their some foul play going on. If the NSAC believes his story, I have some ocean front property in Vegas to sell the commission. Because they will believe anything. Fight fans aren’t going to like this but they should. This fight should be canceled and if you are serious about the sport we love being clean you should hope it is. Canceling the biggest fight of the year would send a message clear as day that if you cheat you aren’t fighting and you aren’t getting paid period. This isn’t baseball, this isn’t hitting home runs, this is the hurt business this is punching people in the head and knocking people out! There is no room for performance-enhancing drugs in this line of business and the commissions need to realize that. But, they won’t and the fight will go on, its a win/win for GGG if he wins he beat the sports icon while he was on drugs. If GGG loses so what he lost to a juice head, what did you expect? I want a rematch and he will get it.

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