Canelo Rules

Former NY Giants head coach said there was a set of team rules and a separate set of rules for LT (Lawrence Taylor). LT was the star, the stud of a Super Bowl winning defense. So in order to keep LT happy and a Giant he had less stringent rules for his superstar. Canelo is the biggest name in the sport, he is the biggest draw and revenue creator. He is the most recognizable name and face in the sport. So perhaps like LT, Canelo should have his own set of rules. However, unlike Canelo when Taylor failed a drug test he got suspended. So let’s establish a new set of rules for Golden Boy’s golden boy.

Completely bogus scorecards:
vs Mayweather- CJ Ross 114-114
vs Lara- Levi Martinez 117-111
vs Trout- Stanley Christodoulou 119-108
vs Cotto- Dave Moretti 119-109
vs GGG- Adalaide Byrd 118-110


Five different fights, five different judges and five completely bogus and indescribably bad scorecards. If you include the Khan fight, were Khan was clearly outboxing him for the first four rounds until Canelo won by KO in the fifth.Despite being outboxed Glenn Trowbridge had Canelo up 49-46. That’s the six biggest fights of his career and in each and every fight, he had one judge, who no matter what was not going to let him lose. Canelo has been involved in so many controversial decisions and bogus scorecards, but somehow they are always in his favor. This is a privilege that is awarded to no other superstar, cash cow or PPV attraction. It wasn’t awarded to Floyd Mayweather as he had that Canelo decision go against him. It wasn’t a privilege granted to Mike Tyson, in his first fight with Holyfield. A very competitive fight through the first half, judge Frederico Vollmer had it 100-93 in favor of Holyfield. Meaning he didn’t win a single round, go back and watch the 5th round and tell me Tyson didn’t win that round. Holyfield was never awarded this privilege either, most thought he eeked out a very close decision against Lewis in the second fight and despite the fight being ultra close Bill Graham scored it 9-3 for Lennox 117-111. Lewis also didn’t have this type of advantage. He was completely shafted in his first fight with Holyfield. The Golden Boy himself did not have the advantage awarded to Canelo. Oscar dropped a totally bogus decision that he clearly won against Tito Trinidad. This is truly something unique with Canelo. All the other cash-cows were part of highly controversial decisions and bad scorecards, some went in their favor and some went against them. Bad scorecards, either way, are a part of boxing. Not for Canelo. They always go in his favor. There is always one judge that filled out their scorecard before the fight in favor of Canelo.

New Rule:
Canelo always gets one judge who will always score the fight for him. The other fighter must win the fight on the other two scorecards.

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Canelo tested positive for clenbuterol on February 17 & 20th. Both WBC president and WBA president both jumped at the chance to defend Canelo saying he was innocent. Before we go on and say there were only trace levels lets examine that argument. Canelo tested positive for 600-800 picograms of Clenbuterol per ml of urine. For only 50 picograms Alberto Contador had his Tour de France title stripped and received a 2-year ban. Contador also used the contaminated meat excuse and had 12-16 times less in his system. WBC & WBA presidents each said they stand with Canelo and believe he is innocent. Why? There is no evidence at all to suggest it came from contaminated meat. So why would they believe him? Because he said so? This is no difference from athletes like Shane Mosley and others through all sports that said “oops I didn’t know what I was taking” This is no different than speeding, getting pulled over and telling the cop “oh you cant write me a ticket I didn’t even know how fast I was going” and the cop letting you go because he believes you. That responsibility falls on Canelo period! He has to make sure he knows what is going in his body. He agreed to VADA testing and failed a test, that is the end of the story. The fight should be canceled and Canelo should have his licensed strip for a period of time. I suggest a year. If VADA and the sanctioning bodies are going to let him fight after failing the test, there is literally no reason to have any tests. If the fight goes on as scheduled despite failing the test, what is the point of the test? There is none, so get rid of the tests. It’s a waste of everyone’s times and money since the results don’t matter. No other sport would allow this to happen. Alex Rodriguez was the biggest name and draw in MLB. He also was on pace to break the all-time home run record but got busted with steroids and got a one-year (162 game) suspension. Ryan Braun a former league MVP got caught with steroids and received a 63 game suspension. MLB is not alone in suspending megastars. Rookie of the Year Shawne Merriman and perennial Pro Bowler Julius Peppers were caught dirty and both given the standard suspension. Random drug testing was part of the deal for the rematch and Canelo is being allowed to fight like nothing ever happened.

New Rule:
VADA testing doesn’t apply to Canelo. His fight will go on regardless if he passes or fails the tests.


Canelo is allowed to take the performance-enhancing drug of his choosing and has one judge in his back-pocket who is going to score the fight in his favor regardless of what happens in the ring. That is a tough mountain to climb for any fighter. People like De La Hoya are always saying boxing is corrupt and boxing needs to be cleaned up. You are the problem. Letting this fight go on is the problem. To let the most prolific fighter take the biggest fight of the year as if nothing happened, despite failing his drug test, is not only corrupt but since Canelo vows to knock GGG out it should also be criminal.

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