Fight Doctor’s Predictions.

After taking an “0”-For last week. The Fight Doc is back for another round and to hopefully redeem himself. The fight doctor is currently 2-3 (2) thus far in 2018 after an embarrassing 0-3 last week. I will try to get back to the .500 mark with tonight’s Superfly 2 fight on HBO.


HBO is paying a total of $350K for the main event, disproving the theory you get what you pay for. As HBO’s new shoestring budget is going to produce what will likely be a fight of the year candidate. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai who was 3DBoxings fighter of the year won upset of the year for his victory over Chocalatito Gonzalez a fight that also won fight of the year. This fight against Juan Estrada promises to produce similar fireworks.

Ray Flores Talks SuperFly 2 - Rungvisai vs Estrada

The fight doctor predicts an offensive slugfest from the opening bell.  Estrada who says he is “looking for a knockout” will bring the action to Rungvisai using his superior hand speed to land on the Thai champ. Estrada will take the first few rounds by sitting back in the pocket and out landing Rungvisai, but its clearly Rungvisai who is landing the cleaner shots. By round five the physically stronger Rungvisai starts to wear down the Mexican challenger. Landing lead lefts and right hooks to the body that began to take its toll. By the 7th round Estrada who is noticeably hurt abandons the game plan and simply exchanges on the inside with Rungvisai who wins the exchanges and stuns him halfway through the round with a body shot that freezes Estrada then lands a few more shots that drop the tough Estrada who is able to beat the count and tries holding on. Noticeably hurt, Rungvisai is able to get to him one more time towards the end of the round with an accumulation of shots. Again, Estrada beats the count as the 7th round comes to an end. Estrada comes out in the eighth simply looking to survive the round with Rungvisai on the hunt and landing his southpaw jab and stalking Estrada, he takes the round but Estrada makes it through another round. To start the 9th Estrada is getting his legs back and comes back at on the attack.  Rungvisai who lands a two-shot combination that sends Estrada reeling into the ropes and Rungvisai jumps on him patiently and accurately picking his shots that are landing flush on the tough Mexican and eventually drops him, again he beats the count but Jack Reiss takes a look at Estrada and makes the only decision he can make and waives it off about 60 seconds into the 9th round.

Official prediction:
Srisaket Sor Rungvisai TKO 9

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