A Night to Fight

It was a great night for faith and fighting in Dallas. Combining a commitment to serving Christ and a passion for the sweet science, The Ring of Hope Boxing Clubs annual “A Night to Fight” was an awesome display of the young talent that Texas is producing. A great night of boxing was capped off by a back and forth main-event between two Big D natives. Ernesto Delgadillo and Oscar Mojica for the WBC United States (USNBC) Super Flyweight Title. Delgadillo the reigning champ and Mojica the challenger, were more than a little familiar with each other, having met numerous times in the amateur ranks and the familiarity showed in a back and forth 10 round brawl. Delgadillo controlled the early action behind a stinging jab, excellent footwork and blazing hand speed taking the first two rounds. The challenger stayed on the aggressive hunting down his opponent and about halfway through round three, Mojica was able to get to his man and outland him on the inside with beautifully placed uppercuts and short right hands that lead to a heated exchange at the end of the third, that may have won Mojica the round and changed the momentum of the fight. From that point on the taller Mojica was able to impose his will and win the exchanges and succeeded in taking Delgadillo out of his game plan and into a slugfest and evening up the bout halfway through. Delgadillo came out for round six and got back to sticking his lightning-quick jab and lateral movement. Out landing and outworking Mojica, driving him into the ropes near the end of the round. Over the next three rounds, Mojica continued applying pressure and was able to land on the inside, but was being broken down and tiring because of the champs jabs, lead lefts and movement. Entering the last round, Mojica knowing he needed a knockout to win came out like gangbusters, seemingly catching his second or perhaps third wind. Mojica landed numerous big right hands staggering and stunning Delgadillo, who did not back down and was drawn into slugging it out over the last 60 seconds. At the end of the 10 round USNBC title fight, both fighters had again earned the respect of each other and Delgadillo was able to retain his title in a close and ultra-competitive but clear decision victory.

The undercard included an exhibition put on by two division former world Champ Jesus Chaves who sparred three rounds against three different opponents. Chavez, who is known as El Matador, showed that he still had it. Showing the slick foot movement and shotgun right hand that made him a two-division former champ.

The undercard also featured unbeaten Texas prospect Fernando Garcia, taking on the toughest test of his young career Mexican tough guy Christian Alejandro Silva from the fighting town of Jalisco, Mexico. Silva was able to land some solid right hands in the first round and catch the attention of Garcia. Garcia went into retreat and tried to slow the pace and control the tempo of the fight. Over the next two rounds, Garcia sat back landing counter shots and avoiding the aggressive Silva who was still bringing the heat and making Garcia highly uncomfortable. The second half of the scheduled six-rounder was controlled by the unbeaten Texan, as his superior skill set proved to be too much for the all-out aggression of Silva. Garcia was able to control the fight with his jab and movement and take the unanimous decision.

The card also featured two highly exciting four rounders. Including a women’s bout between the highly regarded Jamie Mitchell who is trained by former World Light Heavyweight champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad against Dallas, Texas prospect Shurretta Metcalf. The entire four rounds were fast-paced warfare. Mitchell tried to avoid Metcalf who was the aggressor, by using a stiff jab and superior foot speed. However, Metcalf who appeared physically stronger was able to get past the jab of Mitchell and seemed to outwork her on the inside. Metcalf took the third round big with two-flush right hands that staggered Mitchell. In desperate need of the fourth round, Mitchell was able to slow down the tempo a bit and controlled the round with her jab. The aggressor, Metcalf showed signs of tiring as the bell rang to end the fourth and final round. Going to the cards the crowd who thought their hometown underdog had done enough to take Mitchell’s “0” were none too happy when the fight was announced a draw.

In the first pro bout, the Dallas-Houston rivalry flared up again in an ultra-competitive bout between Dallas native Charles Clark and Isau Duenez who resides in Houston. The last three rounds were choc filled with heated exchanges that were predominantly won by Clark’s superior hand speed and beautifully placed combinations. However, Duenez who controlled the first round, was the worse for wear, was certainly able to land plenty of big shots on the inside. However, the game effort by Duenez was not enough. Clark swept the last three rounds of the four round affair and took the fight on the judges’ scorecards 39-37 unanimously.

The capacity crowd featured 2017 “Trainer of The Year” Derrick James, Why We Fight star Zach Wohlman and superstar featherweight prospect Ray Ximenez among others. The action pact fight night was a win for the fans but a bigger win for the Ring Of Hope Boxing Clubs and The URhope Foundation and Dallas Leadership Foundation (DLF). “A Night to Fight” was truly a night to remember.

The Ring of Hope Boxing Club was started in 2010 to provide a place for Dallas youth to build physical and spiritual discipline, and to get mentoring support that gives them a HOPE for a better future. The URhope Foundation and the Dallas Leadership Foundation (DLF), partner together to reach the youth through the Ring of Hope Boxing Club. Each week local youth receive boxing training and exercise but more importantly life skills coaching in a safe and encouraging environment. Through building relationships and Bible study, youth learn of their incredible value in the eyes of God. Some ROHBC teens compete in local, state, and national boxing championship matches.
Their annual “A Night to Fight” raises funds to benefit Ring of Hope Boxing Clubs.

“They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the LORD. – Jeremiah 1:19

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