Thurman & Spence Not Happening Anytime Soon

A Keith Thurman and Errol Spence unification bout is on hold, a very long and indefinite hold. World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman has revealed that his organization granted a special permit to welterweight champion Keith Thurman so he could make an optional defense on May 19th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. However, following that voluntary defense – Thurman is then bound to fulfill back to back mandatory obligations – against Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia.
“On Saturday Danny won the eliminator (against Brandon Rios), but Thurman has a voluntary because of the injury that he had – but after that, he has to do a mandatory with Porter and Garcia. At the end fight from last Saturday, Porter went up to the ring to challenge Garcia and we are going to see if they are actually going to face each other. But yes, they are the two mandatory challengers,” Sulaiman told ESPN Deportes.



Keith Thurman is not a very active fighter having fought just twice in the last 30 months!! The 29-year-old is wasting away his prime years by not fighting at all. The open avoidance of Errol Spence is truly something to behold. We have never seen in all our years of boxing hardcore-ism a top-notch, elite level, world champion so openly duck another champion at his own size. Thurman has said in regards to fighting the Texas tough Spence “It’s not discussable” “not on the plate” in 2017 he said the fight is “not going to happen in 2018” With the pace that Keith “One Time” Thurman is fighting at, once every 15 months, an Errol Spence bout which would take place after both mandatory defenses and his tune-up would put this fight out to 2020 or later at “One Times” current rate. We at 3DBoxing have called that Thurman’s scheduled fight for May 19th at the Barclays will not come off, at least not on may 19th. We are predicting he pushes the date back because of his unbelievable elbow injury to a summer date probably in late July. That will be his one and only fight for 2018 as fighting once a year is his current trend. The reason why there has been no opponent named, not even a mention of a possible opponent, is that Keith Thurman isn’t planning on fighting in May. However, we’ve heard who Keify Poo isn’t going to fight in May. Obviously, IBF Champ Errol Spence and his two mandatories Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia are out. He has ruled out Jesse Vargas, Thurman himself said Vargas is a “tune-up for me” when speaking to Tha Boxing Voice, he had a fight and a date all but signed to fight Vargas according to an ESPN report. He has also ruled out any top 10 type fighter in the welterweight division during an interview on Showtime.



This is not a hit piece on the highly inactive world-champion, its simply reporting the facts and citing his own words and action. Keith told the WBC in October, that he would be back in January and fight three times in 2018! He later changed January to late February or early March but definitely in the first quarter and he was still going to fight 3 times. The February or early March date became Jesse Vargas on April 14th in the Barclays in Brooklyn. Great! Vargas at the Barclays! That was not signed to the shock Of Jesse Vargas and his April 14th date was pushed back five more weeks and no opponent named. Thurman has now said he is going to fight just twice this year and that he is a two times a year fighter. Why? Spence is fighting three times year. Lomachenko who most have higher than you on P4P lists fought three times last year and will have fought 4 times since you last fought.

The plan is clear push back this fight as long as possible take the mandatories, he will probably also have to take a WBA mandatory at some point and wait for Errol Spence to outgrow the division. That’s clear as day. Thurman has stated many times that he had his elbow surgery at the Hospital For Special Surgery in New York City. HSS is generally regarded as the finest hospital for orthopedic surgery in the entire world. You can walk through the halls of HSS and see a collection of all-stars from every sport. So “One Time” had orthoscopic surgery at the finest orthopedic specialist in the world. Common arthroscopic procedures include Treatment of tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) Removal of loose bodies (loose cartilage and bone fragments)… Loose bodies are the exact injury Keith Thurman claims to have had surgery for. Whats the recovery time from such an injury? Well… According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)  “you may not need a splint and your range of motion and function may return after a short period of rehabilitation. You may be able to return to work or school within a few days of your procedure.” as far as complications “Most patients do not experience complications from elbow arthroscopy. As with any surgery, however, there are some risks. These are usually minor and treatable and not likely to affect your final outcome.” “Although recovery from arthroscopy is often faster than recovery from open surgery, it may still take weeks for your elbow joint to completely recover. You can expect some pain and discomfort for at least a week after surgery. Ice is applied immediately after surgery and thereafter intermittently for 20-30 minutes at a time over the first seven days… The small incisions take several days to heal, sometimes up to two weeks.” So Keith who is basically doing commercials advertising the common procedures he had at HSS, the finest orthopedic surgeon in the world, which the AAOS says should only take a few weeks to recover from and has no long-term effects, has somehow put Thurman’s career on hold and has kept him out of the ring for a year…. Yea right…..


Keith Thurman is also suffering from the delusion that since he has two belts he is in the catbird seat and all roads lead to him like he is Floyd Mayweather. The biggest fight in boxing right now is Canelo and GGG. Golovkin has three belts Canelo none and Canelo is the A side!!! Keith, you aren’t the best fighter in the division, that’s obvious as your open avoidance of Errol Spence points out and Terence Crawford will be the WBO champ by the next time Keith hops in the ring and is also the Pound for Pound King of the sport. Thurman also isn’t the cash cow of the division. That title still belongs to Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan is also a bigger draw than him, so is Danny Garcia, Garcia has always done better numbers than Keith. Terence Crawford is about to headline his second PPV card, Keith Thurman has NEVER headlined a PPV card. If Thurman continues to fight “One Time” a year and avoid the big fights and Spence, Swift, Showtime, Bud and Khan all fight each other, Thurman will be an afterthought in the division he claims to be the in control of.

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