Fight Doctor Is Back! Can you Beat Him?!

The fight doctor got 2018 off to a great start successfully going 2-0 (2) in the years first big fight card.  Much to the delight of the fans, he is back with three more predictions for the upcoming weekend.

Eubank Vs Groves

The second round of the 168-pound version of the WBSS features two prime fighters from the UK.  Groves is coming off an annihilation of Jamie Cox. Groves had been in the ring with some of the best 168 pounders in the world, Carl Froch twice James Degale and Badou Jack, Paul Smith and Glenn Johnson all at 168 pounds. Far more experience at the weight than does Chris Eubank Jr. Eubank Jr is coming off a sensational victory over Avni Yildirim. Outside of that his resume at 168 is not even comparable to Groves and he is looking for a career-defining victory.
As for the fight, Eubank comes out like he has been fired out of canon, trying to land haymakers early. Groves settles the fight down and keeps the aggressive Eubank at bay with his sharp powerful jab and good movement.  He is able to counter and time Eubank well and his game plan of keeping Eubank at bay is working nicely in the early going. Although losing most of the early rounds “The Next Generation” is having a degree of success jabbing his way in and landing on the inside. By the  6th round and well ahead on the cards Groves confidence begins to grow. He starts to take more chances, halfway through the round Eubank catches Groves with a perfectly placed uppercut on Groves and drops him. Groves gets back to his feet and holds on. To start the 7th round Groves is a bit more cautious but also doesn’t have his legs all the way back, trying to keep the distance Eubank Jr lands another perfectly placed right hand on the low guard of Groves and drops him again. Again, Groves gets to feet, but on very shaky legs. Junior jumps on Groves landing right hand after right hand until the ref waves it off halfway through the 7th round.

Official prediction: Eubank Jr 7th round TKO

Devon Alexander Vs Victor Ortiz

Both fighters are coming off of fairly impressive wins against tune-up caliber fighters, which followed prolonged layoffs. A layoff that was caused by a series of losses. Making this a must win for both fighters. Alexander is the master boxer with pretty decent power and good movement, and excellent hand speed. Victor Ortiz is a vicious boxer-puncher with one punch knockout.
Devon Alexander will dominate most of the rounds with his jab, left-hand combination and smother Ortiz on the inside. Alexander will build up a lead on the scorecards with this style taking the first four rounds or so. Ortiz will pick up the pace and start to try and get after Ortiz, Alexander will mostly hold and tie up the strong Ortiz. “Vicious” will land some of the middle rounds with his aggression and landing body shots and uppercuts on the inside. The action will slow to a snail’s pace with Alexander doing a lot of holding, with Ortiz taking some of the middle rounds the fight is still up for grabs going into the 10th with three rounds to go. Alexander will resume his game plan and keep Ortiz at bay with his jab and hand speed. Ortiz is mostly unable to get on the inside and when he does Alexander mostly snuffs it out. In a fight that was a boxing clinic by Devon in the first few rounds became a holding and hugging fest which Devon Alexander takes clearly on the scorecards 116-112 and 117-111 twice.
Official Prediction: Alexander  by UD

Danny Garcia VS Brandon Rios

Danny Garcia has been called Cherry Garcia since moving up to 147 for making fights just like this.  Brandon Rios the former lightweight champion who has never been

accused of ducking anyone is none to happy about being called a cherry and is motivated like we have never seen him before to prove the critics wrong.
Unlike most of the fight world 3DBoxing does not think this is a bad fight. Garcia will win rounds early with movement and perfectly timed counter shots. Swift will build up a lead early with superior speed and boxing skill, but Rios will do damage on the inside perhaps not enough to win rounds but certainly breaking Garcia down a bit. As the fight progresses Swift cannot resist the slugfest and it becomes a phone booth fight. A fight in which both fighters are dropped, busted and bloody. By the 9th round, Rios is well behind on points, needs a knockout to win but has slowed Garcia down quite a bite. Swift is broken down enough where Bam Bam can land a perfectly placed right hand to Garcia’s body that drops him. As Swift beats that count he is clearly hurt Bam Bam jumps on him landing a barrage of power shots causing the ref to waive the fight off early in the 9th round. Giving Brandon Rios a 9th round TKO
Official prediction Rios by 9th round TKO

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