Well Played By Danny Garcia

As Floyd Mayweather brilliantly pointed out this is prizefighting. You fight for a prize. Danny Garcia has played (cherry-picked) his hand perfectly. His fight with Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios is now a WBC final eliminator.That welterweight showdown was announced for Saturday, February 17 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.


The haters are going crazy on this one. As Danny Garcia does typical Cherry Garcia things. He passed up big time fights with, Showtime Porter, Errol Spence, and Miguel Cotto, and instead opted for Rios. A fighter most consider a shot fighter and has no shot against Garcia. However, Rios is still a name, and he has given fans really exciting fights with his relentless come forward blood and guts style. Rios is still an attraction and a draw for casual fans and this should be a television-friendly fight for as long as it lasts. Meaning, Swift has put himself in a position where he can draw a million dollar payday, in what he and most experts view as a relatively easy fight or at least a much easier fight than Porter would be. If and when he gets past Bam Bam who will be waiting for him? Either Shawn Porter or Keith Thurman. Coming off of an entertaining win will make his next fight more lucrative not less.


“Keith Thurman will return in a voluntary title defense, as he has recovered from his injury. Shawn Porter is the mandatory challenger, and Danny Garcia will fight Brandon Rios in a final elimination bout for the second mandatory due to the inactivity of Thurman,” said World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman.


Danny Garcia is still one of the biggest draws in the welterweight division and in the sport of boxing, and he is using that to cash in. Garcia and Thurman both received $2 million for their 2017 unification fight. Garcia would have less negotiating room without a strap, meaning if he would have fought Showtime when he was given the opportunity or when Errol Spence said that he would fight him, he would have gotten less then $2 million probably around $1.5 million. He will receive only slightly less for what he views as an easier fight against Rios then after that, he is in line for either a rematch with Thurman or a final, final elimination fight with Showtime Porter. Which will give him the slightly larger payday he passed up on to fight Rios in the first place. By the WBC naming this an elimination fight with Rios, Garcia has guaranteed himself another big payday and mega fight so long as he beats Bam Bam as he is expected to.


If Swift were to take the tougher fight when it was offered to him, against either Porter, Spence or Cotto and he lost it would have set him back to complete rebuilding mode. He would have lost twice in a row and would be looking at fighting on FS1 or some undercard for a tiny fraction of what he has grown accustomed to. By deciding to fight Bam Bam he gets another good payday plus on top of that, he gets another bigger payday and megafight guaranteed after the Rios fight. Boxing is a business and Garcia by playing into the hands of the haters and taking another “cherry” made the right business move. Swift, just needs to make sure that he doesn’t get upset by the highly motivated Bam Bam, and his business plan would have paid off.

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