Erislandy Lara Puts ESPN & Dan Rafael On Blast

Lara and Rigondeaux are boring, but  Billy Joe Saunders put on a superb boxing performance?

If you ever meet a guy who calls himself a feminist, you can take it to the bank that guy has somewhere in his past, a history of some type of sexual assault/harassment or some type of domestic abuse against women in his closest. The same can be said for people who always cry racism and break out the “outrage” and disbelief that someone would say such a hateful thing. You can rest assure that’s a closet racist with fake outrage. Never has there been a better case study of this than ESPN and Dan Rafael.


Erislandy Lara has called out the ESPN boxing analyst for a clear double standard. Lara tweeted out in regards to Rafael ” Either he’s a RACIST or just a hater @espn should be ashamed to have bias and racist fan writing for them!” This was in response to Rafael tweeting out “A Saunders Boxing lesson in round 1” Rafael has been with ESPN for 20 years, he has often criticized pure boxers like Lara and others of being boring, when they put on boxing clinics and outclass their opponents. There seems to be a clear double standard here with Billy Joe Saunders, who fought in a very similar fashion to how the boxers that Rafael claims to be boring, but Saunders was exciting to him? While the boring fighters all happen to be black fighters.

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This is not the first time ESPN and Rafael have come under fire with racist accusations. Dan Rafael refused to answer  questions or make any comments on a series of racial slurs made from a Golden Boy PR guy in reference to Al Haymon. These comments came in the immediate aftermath of ESPN signing a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with Golden Boy. Rafael and ESPN where not only silent but openly ignored and avoided the questions and honored the contract. In addition to that, there was an episode out of the clear blue shy where Rafael blocked pound for pound boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux, after making a comment about he was a boring fighter and how no one wants to watch him. Rafael tweeted “So who’d rather watch a Rigondeaux fight instead? <crickets>” No one wanted to watch Rigo, but he was one half of the second biggest fight in the history of your network?  So apparently millions of people wanted to watch Rigo. The questionable Rafael  blocked then pound for pound elite Rigondeaux on twitter. So ESPN’s top boxing writer had one of the best fighters on earth  blocked while he was preparing to fight a mega fight on the network Rafael works for. How can Rafael do his job and report on Rigondeaux in the build up of a mega fight, when he has the fighter blocked?

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Then there was the comparing of Lomachenko at 130 pounds to Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather made by the ESPN analyst saying that Loma, could give 130 pound Mayweather hell and maybe even beat him. Rafael was comparing a fighter with 11 fights and one loss to Salido, to a special, once in a generation talent like Floyd Mayweather, who destroyed guys like Genaro Hernandez, Angel Manfredy and the five knockdown stoppage performance against Diego Corrales at 130. Rafael was talking up Loma coming off a performance against a 37-year-old 122 pound Guillermo Rigondeaux. A 37-year-old, that is two weight classes smaller. I remember Rafael and ESPN being hypercritical when Floyd opted to fight Juan Manuel Marquez, a 36 year old Marquez who was also jumping up two weight classes. See a contradiction there? Also, where was Rafael when on his network in front of a much bigger audience that tuned into Crawford destroying Indongo who he stopped with a 3rd round body shot? Why didn’t ESPN publicize him like they did to Loma? Why didn’t Rafael come out and say this Bud Crawford could beat a circa 2009, 140 pound version of Manny Pacquiao? Why didn’t they hype Bud the same way?

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When ESPN first aired a Lomachenko fight, they built him up as the next Ali hyped the fight and had Bob Arum on the highly rated nationally syndicated Mike and Mike In The Morning. With all the hype they gave that fight, it drew 700k viewers. When Pound for Pound champ Terence Crawford was unifying all four straps in the 140-pound division they gave him and the fight zero hype and despite that still drew a much bigger number than Lomachenko. The Bud/Indongo fight received over 900k views at the time the second-highest boxing match on cable television for the year. So why is ESPN ignoring a bigger and better draw?


There is a clear double standard for ESPN, especially with Dan Rafael and we should be glad Lara dew attention to it. ESPN praises  Billy Joe who put on a superb performance and outclassed Lemieux and he deserves all the credit he receives, Superb Saunders put on a masterful performance. Although, to the contrary when someone like Lara puts on a boxing clinic and outclasses an opponent it’s boring and a snooze fest. They hype the heck out of Lomachenko who draws smaller crowds and smaller television ratings than pound for pound king Terence Crawford. One has to ask themselves why Bud gets ignored, Loma gets hyped, Billy Joe Saunders gets praised and Floyd Mayweather gets called a bum.

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