The Anatomy Of A Robbery

Earlier this year I created a list of the 20 worst decisions of the last 20 years (’97-’17)20 worst decisions of the last 20 years  It may have to be amended as there is a new entrant on this list. While most of the boxing world had their eyes focused on the pound for pound showdown at Madison Square Garden between Lomachenko and Rigondeaux. There was a robbery going on nearly 2,500 miles away. Former Journeymen and current world class contender was robbed blind at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas by Max Deluca and Burt Clements. Who scored just 5 and 4 rounds respectively for Tevin Farmer. A fight that didn’t appear close at all in which 3DBoxing scored it 116-112 for Farmer and that was closer than many other media scorecards who scored as many as 9 or 10 rounds for Farmer.

farmer-edmul (1)

While Deluca and Clements were out “hittin licks” their victim Tevin Farmer fell to 25-5-1 and had his 18 fight winning streak yanked away from him and the IBF 130 pound strap, which was vacated by now rival Tank Davis who missed weight his last time out, stolen from him.  The fans were also robbed of what potentially would have been a sensational fight between the pair. Farmer southpaw from Philadelphia and a special defensive fighter and an offensive juggernaut in Davis from Baltimore, who has 18 KO’s in his unbeatable career of just 19 fights.


Farmer looked shocked and speechless when the scorecards were announced in Ogawa’s favor and justifiably so. At 3DBoxing we don’t usually comment much on Compubox numbers, but in case that’s your thing. CompuBox stats also heavily favored Farmer. Who landing a total of 158 of 525 punches (30.1%) while Ogawa landed only 99 of 445 punches (22.2%). Those stats pretty much tell the story of the night. Kenichi Ogawa had moments, fought hard, did enough where one could argue he won four rounds or so. However, Farmer was elusive making Ogawa miss and look outclassed at times. Normally, shy promoter Lou Dibella quickly jumped to the defense of farmer, his fighter. Tweeting out:

I’m starting to hate this sport. F***king HATE IT! I had Farmer winning 9 rounds clearly. How could they do this to this kid? Just horrible. I’m TIRED OF WORKING IN A FILTHY BUSINESS!

Dibella went on to single out judge Burt Clement in particular, who famously scored Canelo over Cotto 118-110, for not scoring any of the last three rounds for the Philly southpaw. What stands out, even more, is the 7th round. ” Tevin landed 20/57 punches and stunned Ogawa with sharp shots. And held Ogawa to landing just 8 punches out of 41 thrown, never phasing Farmer. As clear-cut a Farmer round as there could be, shockingly not just Clement but all three judges scored the lopsided round in favor of Ogawa. Everyone needs to go back and ask themselves how can any competent judge score the round for Ogawa? That raises the obvious question incompetence or corruption? Why did Farmer have the IBF belt, which he rightfully won taken from him?

farmer-ogawa-fight (4)

Kenichi Ogawa, was mostly unheard of prior to the fight outside of the hardest of hardcores. He somehow got this shot coming off of a win over a 20-13-3 fighter, ad prior to that he eked out a decision over Satoru Sugita, who had won just 12 times in just 16 pro bouts. Somehow that put him in position to challenge for a title. Ogawa had never before fought outside of Japan prior to the Farmer fight. He is already 29, will most likely take his title back to Japan and defend it there. The logistics here kind of rules out corruption on the surface. Why would a fight be stolen from a fan favorite Philly fighter who has a potential mega-fight with another big money draw, Gervonta Davis, in favor of a no named Japanese B side? This makes no financial or common sense to anyone. So the only realistic option here is incompetence. That’s already been demonstrated with Clements’ scorecard in the Canelo/Cotto fight.  Max Deluca, who was criticized by Jim Lampley. who said to Harold Lederman not to say that Deluca is a good judge again and that this wasn’t the first time he had an atrocious scorecard. Deluca is coming off another atrocious scorecard in which he scored 9 rounds to 1 in favor of J-Rock Williams over Ishe Smith, in a really competitive fight. Williams’ probably won but certainly did not win anywhere near 9 of 10 rounds. With both judges having some recent history, why wouldn’t Nevada athletic commission sequester and question these two judges? Something either stinks here or the judges are complete incompetents. Either way the commission needs to act. However, nothing has been done and more than likely nothing will be done and both Clement and Deluca will be working world title fights again in the near future.


Farmer,  has become a cult favorite, just as much for his defensive skills as rebuilding his career from a 7-4-1 start to on the verge and in reality doing more than enough to win a world title. If the IBF does not mandate a rematch due to the overwhelming controversy. It will send Farmer who has done so much to rejuvenate and build his career literally from the ground up, back to the drawing board, without a title and without a big money fight. Farmer responded after the decision was announced by saying “I worked too hard to get robbed. I performed my tail off and positive I deserved the victory. Keep in mind that I had an 8-month layoff because of some injuries (shot in hand and torn bicep) and even though It took a while to get my groove I still feel I deserved to be a champion tonight. That’s twice I get robbed in row! It’s just not fair,”

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