International Spotlight: Nestor Bravo

Puerto Rico has long been the home to countless fighting legends.  For an Island that is hardly 100 miles long with a population of just north of 3 million the amount of great fighters it puts out per capita is  second to none. With Miguel Cotto announcing his retirement, The great island is in search for it’s next great sensation. It may have found it. Undefeated lightweight Nestor Bravo has the offensive fire power and fan friendly style to be Puerto Rico’s next superstar. I was able to sit down with the Arecibo native.


(3DBOXING -GK) You are from Puerto Rico, Boxing is huge there, a way of life, how old were you and how did you get into boxing? Talk about your amateur career a bit.

(Nestor Bravo)- Greetings in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 boxing is huge. I started boxing at the age of 8 since I was always getting into trouble so my father took me to a boxing gym in order to spend all my energy. As far as my amateur career I had a great one and was able to represent Puerto Rico in various International tournaments. I had a total of 70 amateur fights with a record of 62-8. In 2011 I beat 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Robson Conceicao in the International Jose Cheo Aponte winning the Gold Medal.



(3DBOXING -GK) There are so many great Puerto Rican fighters, so many legends from that area, who were your heroes growing up?

(Nestor Bravo)- In the Island there have been so many champions which i admire and look up to. For example Felix Tito Trinidad and Miguel Cotto were the ones who I watched growing up and wanting to be just like them. As I got older I was able to watch the fights of Wilfredo Gomez, Hector Macho Camacho and even the fights of Wilfredo Benitez through tapes and really enjoyed their styles as well as skills. I admire all of these champions who have given pride to our nation 🇵🇷



(3DBOXING -GK) The first time I saw you fight live was in Florida back in April, on a Christopher Diaz card. You fought a fighter named Victor Rosas, it seemed like a bit of a step up in competition, you handled your self quite well and dominated with great hand speed, well-timed combination, you’re a pretty complete offensive fighter. Do you consider this your most complete fight?

(Nestor Bravo)-The fight with Victor Rosas was a great one which taught me a lot. These are the fights in which you learn and help you become a better fighter. I’ve had some great fights and do consider this fights as one of them.



(3DBOXING -GK)  How would you describe your style in the ring? What are you’re greatest strengths?

(Nestor Bravo)- I consider myself as a complete fighter which could box but also fight at the same time. Now I like to be the offensive fighter because I believe that is what the fans want to see. I like to put on a good show and love to enter in a toe to toe fight but if I have to box i feel comfortable doing it as well.


(3DBOXING -GK) You have fought all of your fights in either Puerto Rico or Florida. I grew up in New York City, Puerto Rican fighters have a huge natural fan base there. Do you want to fight in New York eventually? You would sell a lot a lot of tickets, or do you want to continue to fight close to home?

(Nestor Bravo)- It would be a great pleasure for me to be able to fight in New York. I would love to give our Puerto Ricans and every boxing fan a great show in NY. It would be a dream come True.

(3DBOXING-GK)You’re 11-0 with 7 knockouts and a really good offensive fighter. You’re only 24 and in the lightweight division which is loaded with exciting fighters right now, including fellow Puerto Rican star Felix Verdejo and there are also guys like Mikey Garcia, Robert Easter Jr, Jorge Linares, and Tank Davis is moving into the division. Whats your plan, who do you want to fight next and when do you see yourself fighting for a world title?

(Nestor Bravo)- I know that the lightweight division is full of great fighters and I really like it. I believe those fights bring the best out of a fighter. I want to continue fighting and gaining experience to be the best at the division. One thing I am certain of is that when the opportunity comes I will be at a 100 % to put on a great fight and bring that world title to Puerto Rico

(3DBOXING-GK) Thank you for your time and God Bless

(Nestor Bravo) Thanks for the opportunity, God Bless you and thanks for the support.
Nestor Bravo #TEAMBRAVO

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