What’s Wrong With Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew has put together a very solid career for himself. Perhaps his best victory was his major upset over David Haye back in March of this year. The two were scheduled to rematch on the 17th of next month. Haye recently pulled out of the rematch with a “freak injury” he suffered a torn bicep during training.

Bellew is  the Lineal or emeritus WBC Cruiserweight Champion after beating Ilunga Makabu and defending it against BJ Flores in 2016 before moving up to the the Heavyweight division in 2017 and upsetting the Hayemaker. The Haye fight should have put “The Bomber” in position for his biggest payday and perhaps a shot to be heavyweight champ. He opted for a rematch to set the record straight with Haye because of the injury that Haye suffered in their first fight and that rematch fell apart. Not Bellew’s fault. However, Bellew earlier this year turned down a fight with Andre Ward, which would have been a mega fight in the UK with a huge pay day for both men. In which he opted not to take the fight with the smaller man. There was also talk about a fight that would have been great for both him and the WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder in which The Bomber had some choice words for Wilder:“I’m a bit more than just interesting,” countered Bellew when interviewed by RingTV.com. “I’m 1-0 as a heavyweight and Wilder is 38-0. I have a better win on my heavyweight resume after one fight than he’s had after 38 fights. I’m not blowing smoke, that is just fact. Take away Bermane Stiverne and (Wilder) has fought absolutely nobody. He has one of the most padded records of any heavyweight I’ve ever seen.”


      Bellew’s never shy promoter Eddie Hear also chimed in and added”I think I got into bed about 3.30 am, I had Deontay Wilder’s camp phoning me up, I had Joseph Parker’s camp phoning me up, both wanting to defend their world heavyweight titles against Tony Bellew. So he’s got no end of options. He’s got big decisions to make – stay at Cruiserweight, defend that, unify the division. Maybe even a rematch with David Haye or, I think more likely, to challenge for the world heavyweight title. Tony’s probably got another two, three, four, five fights. This is a tough sport and it’s all about securing your future and your family’s future.He did that in one fight last night and now it’s just a case of carrying on this Cinderella story and see how far it can take us. People didn’t believe he could beat David Haye, why can’t he beat Deontay Wilder, why can’t he beat Joseph Parker? I believe he can.”




Before you get all into that Bellew isn’t a real heavyweight. Consider this he weighed 213.5 pounds for the Haye fight, Wilder weighed 220 pounds for his last fight, that’s 6.5 pounds weight gap that is no big deal. Wilder weighed 220 for his last fight Joshua weighed 254 for his last fight that’s a 34 pound difference keep that in mind.




According to Eddie Hearn he also got calls from WBO champ Joseph Parker’s camp. Which means Bellew also didn’t want anything to do with that. That is a fight he certainly could win, Parker is a big strong but very flawed heavyweight. Bellew is the more skilled boxer and could have schooled and 1-2’d Parker all day. Does Parker have no interest in claiming his share of the most prestigious title in sports, the heavyweight championship of the world?



Now this!!! Dillian Whyte was offered as a short notice fill in replacement for the injured Haye. Whyte who is coming off of a very lackluster performance against unheralded Robert Helenius, who is known as the “Nordic Nightmare” but fights like anything but that. Whyte owns something called the WBC Silver Belt, which Bellew could have won. A win against Whyte, in reality gives Bellew, a better resume, better wins, than Wilder and right in the mix. He would be a bigger draw and in the UK would legit be the A-side in a fight with Wilder.


Before, you say he is way to small for Whyte remember “The Bomber” weighed 213.5 for his last fight, Whyte weighed 247.5, that’s a 34 pound difference, to the tee the same 34 pound difference Wilder is giving up to AJ. This is a fight Bellew may Not be favored in, but he also wasn’t favored in the Haye fight either and pulled that upset. He could beat Whyte, it’s not crazy to think that. The only thing crazy is that he didn’t take this fight. It’s a good fight an entertaining fight and one that puts him in a great position. Whyte said of Bellew “The first fight was only good because Haye had one leg!” He went on to say of not taking Whyte’s challenge “He’s had a 15-week training camp and I agreed to step in at two or three weeks’ notice to save the boxing fans millions of pounds. People have booked hotels and flights. I was going to save everything but he didn’t want it. Bellew doesn’t want to fight a real heavyweight. He’s going to wait around for Haye. David is finished. He’ll spend four or five months waiting for Haye and that’ll be it. Haye will get injured again.Any natural heavyweight would knock Bellew out. He’s a Cruiserweight. He knows that so he doesn’t want to take the chance, get injured. He wants to fight Haye because Haye is old and tired. Haye’s body will keep letting him down. Haye can’t do a training camp.”



Bellew has had a good career especially in recent years with wins over Isaac Chilemba, Nathan Cleverly, Mateusz Masternak and of course most recently Haye. This has all set up for this a huge money fight in the UK and perhaps a shot at the Heavyweight title. But It seems that Bellew is uninterested in being that heavyweight champion of the world and capitalizing on his hard work and accomplishments in the ring over the past four years.

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